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Best Buyer request Proposal for all kind of orders

Peoples trying to impress the buyers, but i think if you offer the product well, or you prepare the product well, it will promote your business more than you owe to earn, Respect can produce through your struggles not just TCs, Just do hard and SMART work will catch the attention of the peoples around


Really am new one on this site and don,t know about these tiny mistake , thank you for guidance please

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The moderators don’t like to see old topics resurrected.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really your suggestions are fruitful for me in future

Thanks a lot

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@muhammadisra673, @lloydsolutions told you already moderators don’t like topics to be resurrected (this one is 2 years old) and you thanked for the guidance.

Please, don’t continue writing in this topic. Choose any other to post your comments.

Thank you.


Thanks you so much for your reply bro

This client I got through Buyer Requests back in December 2017 has gone on to be my third highest spending client and is due to place another order today. I have had a couple of new clients in the past few months through buyer requests and I expect them to have similar longevity and spend so it is worth looking through them when you can. If nothing else you will always get a good eye workout due to the eye-rolling some offers induce.


Not bad at all but need to improve it thanks