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Best Buyer Request Tiips

Hello Everyone Today I share the most important tips for everyone.
My Fiverr profile secend day I got 2 order because I am sending 10 buyer request in 1 day.
Buyer request is most important for all seller. How I am sharing with how I send a buyer request. Oh please check my gig and tell me how much worse my design. so let’s start.

  1. Send 10 buyer request every day
  2. Mantaine USA 10 am morning time it is most important the Bangladesh time is 9-12pm
  3. Read buyer requirement and write your disceptation this related
  4. Include your portfolio link
  5. For new: send $5-$10 amount request not send $10-100+ because you have no review

So follow my tips you got as soon as an order
Have a nice day
Good bay


I am not sure how the word “disceptation” is meaningful in that context. :thinking:

Hi,i think he wants to say description

Thanks Bro it will helpful for new seller.