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Best buyer's request format

Hey, I am Writer Jessica, and I am about to share how I send my buyer’s request proposal that compels prospective buyers to contact me asap. Enjoy the ride with me.

First off, here is my format:

Hi (POTENTIAL BUYER’S NAME), I am (YOUR USERNAME), a professional writer by occupation and a Digital Marketer. I noticed you already have some offers before you, so I am going to save you the time of having to read through my long offer write-up. Kindly take a few minutes to go through my profile, if you like what you see, you can contact me. I will professionally write a good sales copy for your marketing poster just as you described. I am not just good at what I do; I am great at it. Contact me if you need excellent work. We can negotiate on your budget and arrive at a compromise.
Best regards.”

Some few things you need to notice from the proposal above include:
1.0 I mentioned the potential buyer’s name. You can ask me why?
Thank you for asking. Because everybody on earth has been structured and formatted to respond to their names, it doesn’t matter who you are, and if I call your name randomly, you will consciously or unconsciously react to me. It also works when sending in your proposal.

2.0 I quickly introduced myself and what I do without taking too much time.
Everyone is in a hurry, including prospective buyers that are reading your proposal; why not help them save their time?

3.0 You need to be conscious of the fact that you are not the only one sending in your proposal, and the potential buyer is bound to get bored reading through.
So, I quickly acknowledged that fact by saying “I noticed you already have some offers before you, so I am going to save you the time of having to read through my long offer write-up.”

Experienced has thought me that when you play the sympathy card with a potential buyer; trying to understand their situation and connecting with them, they are more likely to buy from you. This has worked for since I discovered this formula.

4.0 I quickly directed the potential buyer to my profile because I know if they immediately see my positive reviews, they will fall in love with me and will be forced to contact me.
For the sake of newbies that do not have reviews yet, you can strike this part away, and it still works like magic.

5.0 I quickly told the potential client what I would do for him or her based on what he/she is requesting.

6.0 I briefly bragged about my service; this shows your confidence level.

7.0 Every potential buyer needs a good job, so I gave him that assurance. All prospective buyers need assurance before they open their wallets.

8.0 Finally, I gave the potential buyer the mindset that we can both agree on the price that will suit both parties. Every potential buyer wants to be in control of what they intend to pay for a service. It is your job to make them feel in control.

Yes, it is that simple. Now, you can try it and come back to drop your feedbacks.

Do not forget my name; I am WriterJessica.


Thanks for sharing a good tips!

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You are always welcome. More to come.

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Thanks for your important information

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Using a username isn’t the same as using a real name, it sounds forced and fake. The first thing you say is your a professional, I guess some people would respond to that but I doubt most blindly accept a title or place much worth on it.

Pointing out they have offers seems pointless and ironically a waste of their time. You tell them to put in the work of going through your profile instead of proving your worth? Then more of telling them you’re good at what you do.

Theres a rule in story and script writing called show don’t tell. It’s the idea that instead of getting a character in the story to tell another character they are x, y or z to inform the audience, it’s shown instead. To do this you have to be as detailed and specific as possible, especially in writing books.

I think it applies here. Be detailed and specific in your pitch. What can you do for them specifically, why you? Do you have a specific thing you’ve done before relevant to their project you can show them? Why are you a professional? Etc.

That being said I’m fairly new to Fiverr so I can’t say I’m amazing at offers.


Thank you so much to share it.


There’s no best format because templates and formats don’t make sales. You make a sale by convincing someone of credibility, suitability and a solution to a problem. It isn’t about your service. It is about their problem.

Instead of seeking a format, seek to understand what the buyer wants and and what problem they need solved. Then write a tailored pitch articulating that problem, its impact and your solution.

It has to be unique to the person, tailored and personal.


thanks for that you are so good


Starting with the name may be good. But most of the buyers and sellers here use Username different to the real name.

Buyer know well the bidders are professional in this area he/she requested or offered a job. So, this is not a good idea introducing seller himself at the beginning of the letter.

Buyers can check out profile of sellers easily from the search field of fiverr. So, requesting to visit profile could not be a idea.

  1. [quote=“writerjessica, post:1, topic:340933”]
    I am great at it
    Self confident is good but how can the reader justify your talent? Did you provide any portfolio link or any screenshot?
    Buyers want their works to be done perfectly.

I think, here we should clearly mention the time frame for the job.

We should keep in mind, and also my practical experience, I came to know that most of the buyers are skilled enough to do the job they post but they come here to save their time (in the other words they do not have enough time to do the work) . So, I believe, they do not have time and patience to read each lines of the dozens of proposal they usually get.

So, ask yourself, why should they pick yours among the dozens of proposal. Why are you different from others?

I start the proposal with the solution of buyers job; how I’ll do it or what could be the best solution etc. I mention budget and time frame. Even, sometimes, I suggest different solution other than they are asking for If I have a better solution. I try to avoid what they know already such as what I do, what is my profession, what my service is.

If I want to mention my name, I add it at the ending part Never at the beginning.

I believe, starting with the thing actually the buyer is waiting for may create attraction, and intends buyers to read your proposal. If they satisfied with the letter, then hey may move to your profile, and portfolio. I think, they may not offer you the job until they read the reviews (if any) you got already form the other buyers.

Thank you writerjessica for sharing your idea.
Hope, experts may share their valuable ideas here.


Good Information! I love this…

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It can backfire if they see a bunch of bad reviews for poor quality, though (plus a review with the buyer stating that the seller admitted they were a he, not a she, and were therefore dishonest from the start).


A lot contribution for someone that is new. Can you please provide us with a good example of what a good buyer’s should preferably look like?

Well here’s my theory:

It helps make a character believable in a story when you show instead of tell. In parallel, what you’re trying to do in an offer is get the customer to believe you can do/are what you say.

A customer won’t believe you if you just tell them you’re a professional. Instead you can show them you’re professional by speaking professionally and showing you have knowledge in the field you’re working in.

A customer won’t believe you can do their specific job if you just tell them you can. They will if you show them with previous similar work or describing in detail what you would do and how you would do it.

E.g. someone posts a request looking for a professional to produce upbeat original music similar to x.

I describe the elements I hear in x then tell them I have a similar guitar sound I worked on recently, I then link upbeat music I’ve made with a similar guitar. I offer assurances like 100% money back guarantee to lower their risk. I couch it all in professional language. I perhaps get into detail about the original direction I would take with the track.

What I’ve been doing lately is just offering free samples of music on bigger jobs to prove I can do what I say.


Thanks a lot for this useful information

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Nice one,I have always believed in personalizing the buyer’s request and it has rewarded me well.

Thanks for that. It’s really great:heart_eyes:

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