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Best buyer's request format

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Thanks mam it will be very help full for me.

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Thanks for sharing good information.

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Keep the proposal as descriptive and relevant as possible
Search for the problem that the buyer is having and give the solution.


Helpful for seller and thanks to you

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Hi, I am a newbie here in Fiverr and still figuring out how everything works in here. May I ask if a “buyer’s request” comes straight to your messages etc. And also, may I ask where can I find buyers requesting for some jobs/offers?

Thank you so much in advance! It means a lot to me.:slightly_smiling_face:


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Any buyer requests you’ll see will be related to your gigs. You won’t, for example, see requests related to writing if all of your gigs are for web design.

To see buyer requests, you have to view a particular section of the site. You can find this section by going to the home page, clicking More, then selecting Buyer Requests.

Please be aware that not all sellers are able to see buyer requests. This may be because their gigs are too niche, or because their performance level is currently too low.


HI @ahmwritingco thank you so much for the response. I just figured out that you cannot see buyer’s request until you are on level 1 seller. Am I right?

i have just open my gig 3 days ago and last day i have sent an offer to a buyer. I have heard that new sellers can’t see buyer request but fortunately, I can. :heart_eyes:

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thank you so much @WriterJessica for sharing this tips with us :heart: .

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Really helpful for everyone.
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Thank you very much Jessica for sharing the valuable thing.

Hi Writer jassica.,

Your tips are so helpful. Can those tips are effective for most buyers? The good point is some buyers don’t like elaborate description. How can I handle the situation to send many buyer requests at the moment? if I follow your steps.


You don’t have to give an elaborate description. Just personalize it to the buyer’s needs.

Form responses aren’t a great idea. You should communicate humanly.

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This is what I looking for :wink: Thaks