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Best Category for Synth Programming Gig?

Hey! I wonder if anyone can give me advice about my gig (which is my gig with the least traction).

I have a gig for designing synth patches, either digital or analogue, that the buyer then can use on their own tracks. I offer either a unique Logic Pro X compatible patch or I can create an analogue patch and record it to follow a melody or chord progression the buyer has in mind. I put the gig in sound design as it made sense to me, however I have not gotten much hits for it and when searching fiverr, I actually found hardly any gigs like mine at all. There are gigs involving synths, but they all are about session musicians recording original synth melodies on a track, not necessarily with the focus on designing unique sounds, which is not something I want to do currently as IP is an issue for me.

So I would rather not change the focus of my gig that much. However, do you think I should move the gig to another category, and if so, which?