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Best Category for Synth Programming Gig?

Hey! I wonder if anyone can give me advice about my gig (which is my gig with the least traction).

I have a gig for designing synth patches, either digital or analogue, that the buyer then can use on their own tracks. I offer either a unique Logic Pro X compatible patch or I can create an analogue patch and record it to follow a melody or chord progression the buyer has in mind. I put the gig in sound design as it made sense to me, however I have not gotten much hits for it and when searching fiverr, I actually found hardly any gigs like mine at all. There are gigs involving synths, but they all are about session musicians recording original synth melodies on a track, not necessarily with the focus on designing unique sounds, which is not something I want to do currently as IP is an issue for me.

So I would rather not change the focus of my gig that much. However, do you think I should move the gig to another category, and if so, which?


First, thank you for posting an actual legitimate question while seeking guidance. As this is a good, detailed, and specific question, I think it would be perfectly fine if you tagged some people you’d specifically like the opinion of, as long as you ask politely.

thank you! I wasn’t sure who would be a good person to answer this, however.

People who replied to your other thread in Fiverr Music & Audio - Fiverr Community Forum with responses that showed they know what they’re talking about.


@teramangala @benedictrm
I see you two both responded to my other synth related post and see to be pretty knowledgeable on the topic. Would you mind giving your opinion on this topic, if you the time and the convenience?


Hi @paolanoelle

I don’t have a lot of experience with Fiverr, but I think the category doesn’t matter much because the default Gig search shows all categories.

As the categories allow to have the buyer requests corresponding to these categories, I try to make each of my new gigs in a different category to be able to have access to the maximum of buyer requests, although I do not submit often, it is especially out of curiosity, in general, it’s pitiful. (I want an 8-hour symphony for $ 5 if you can’t do it for that price, don’t contact me and waste my precious time :sweat_smile:)


Thanks for asking

I have similar gigs to yours so understand I am a competitor. You suk. Thee end LOL
Joking :hugs:

I have a Build A Synth Sound gig and while it hasn’t been up long, it has only brought a few scavengers (one who offers the same service wanting me to do what he can’t at a fraction of his peanut price) and a few with completely unrealistic expectations, often tied to an exact synth that costs $200 when they are paying $5.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your gig as such. You even show cool hardware synths (all of which I sold ages ago). Probably people will expect to hear the exact sounds they want so if you are after WubFutureStep Brochildren who want “paint stripper” sounds, you need to show them exactly that. I don’t want those people but sadly I think the reality is that people see presets as dime a dozen and would rather spend $200 on Serum 38 than $5 on something unique that blends really well with their track.

Most people don’t want to make unique music, they only want to clone someone else’s which is not only artistically tragic in the extreme but commercial suicide.

Understand also that you have 3 sales and I have none for this. I got one sound design job on another platform to clone the synths in Christmakeitstop Agonyera “Genie In Bottle” (oh how I enjoyed having to listen to that song over and over - actually the song itself is very clever). Mostly I get people who have known me in Forums asking me to make their sounds free. Altho that will not happen anymore.

Aside: I have no idea how you find mixing & mastering a track (incl editing) for $30 remotely worthwhile. I know that at $150 I get almost no clients. While I have done $25 jobs for my portfolio, the 6-8 hours of passion & skilled labor just isn’t worth it for what I get back in coin or clients even with the 5-star review. The <$25 buyers ping off without even saying thanks and go find another sap rather than understand that my $150 mixes rival what in a Sydney studio you would pay $800 for.

I hope that helps in some way. Happy to try answering any other Q or anything else.


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Thanks for the insights!

Yeah, I wish to charge more, at least close to an hourly wage, and I did charge much more at first. However, someone on here said that one should start having low prices as a No Level seller. I wonder, though, if my portfolio proves that my services are worth more and I can raise them even now?

(@benedictrm ; tagging because I do not know if i “replied” properly)

Yup, I see you.

I don’t like seeing anyone charge silly money for any specialist service simply because it encourages both buyers & sellers to think that new Ferraris and old beaten Corollas are the same thing. That a $5 mix is exactly the same as what I deliver for $150 or what Chis Lord Alge would do for $xx,000 (if he weren’t too busy shilling for Waves because properly paid work is absent).

You do what you must but as I said, any time I stoop, I get nothing from it. One $150 mix is worth a lot of $30 mixes.

Generally speaking: If people were smarter they would charge “the going rate” instead of seeing what they can shave off as if a decent Mix is $150, charging anything less is insane - or saying that you know that the result is not fit for purpose.



I didn’t think of it that way. As I have education and training on how to make mixes that live up to the standards and many people have said that they are professional sounding, I would say my services wouldn’t be a budget, mediocre mix and rather could be worth much more

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I would guess that it’s a pretty rare market segment to find customers in.

You need someone that’s discerning enough to want to have completely unique sounds to be used in their work, but doesn’t have the skills to make their own.

Your competition is the people who make sound sets for all the popular synths, but make them available to anyone who wants to buy them. So they can make a set of 50 sounds for Arturia Pigments etc and sell them for 30 Euro, because they will sell hundreds of the packs.

Not sure if you do this already, but maybe you’d be better off selling unique sound sets for all the popular synths through here. Price competitively and you’ll make money. If the product is well received you’ll have returning customers for your next sound set.

Ok so what if I played trumpet for 6 years, you got meh!

Looking at your gig this is what I would do.

  1. Utilize the PDF files by including a few tips or information about your process. This way some might find it helpful and will allow you to connect with some buyers, this may also add to your social credit.

  2. I would consider rather than posting a audio track with a picture on your gig, have someone, using great lighting record you playing. It doesn’t necessarily have to add up to the audio, but they can then view your hands.

  3. Any audio you’d provide, I would eliminate everything but the synth. I would even try taking clips, broken up, giving the buyer an idea of some of the patch or cord progressions you’ve put together.

I would split test making those adjustments, leaving them go for a bit maybe a few weeks to a month, to see if that gets you any further along with buyers.

Good luck.


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