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Best custom offers on buyers request


What do you think it’s best to sent customs offers on buyers request?
You think is better to introduce you like : Hello, My name is…I am a Graphician etc.
Or : Hello, I will help you with this request… etc…

Anyone can help me with this?

I want to be very proffesional but i think the buyers don’t waste time to read all the introduction.



I think introduction have no matter like name… ect.

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Why not just combine the two? :wink:

Hello, I’m so-and so and I’m a graphics specialist.

I can help you with your request because…


Try to use “Dear” like Dear buyer or Dear Mak etc


That is how I do it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I usually say, Hi dear buyer, Then etc…

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Thank you for your respond.:grinning::heart_eyes:


I would say that that’s unnecessary. Some people are turned off when they see the word “dear”. It can come off as patronizing.

There’s really no one way to do it. I personally never even open with qualifications.


Try to use “Good day, My expected client”

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I don’t think that’s a great idea either. Saying “my expected client” comes off as cocky instead of confident–you’re basically saying that you’re placing an expectation on them to become your client. Plus, it’s grammatically incorrect.

Just say hi and state what you can do for them. Don’t be too formal, or too casual. Be professional but conversational.


A lot of buyers will stop reading after you call them “dear”, and move on to someone else.


You can be causal while professional. For me, that approach has worked. I usually start off with a friendly "Hello!’ and then give a one-line introduction. After that, it’s all business. I explain what I can do for them based on their request and offer to answer any questions. I then conclude by thanking them for their time.

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So, what will be best you think? Actually I’m new here. Can you give me some pretty starting?

Don’t get too fancy. I’ve always just started with “Hey there!” It’s conversational, and it starts you off on equal footing with the buyer, which is the proper way to start a business relationship.

What’s important is the rest of the pitch, where you detail how you’ll address their request. Remember not to make this about you, but about how you are able to meet their needs. Read their request thoroughly and actually speak to specific parts about it rather than just bragging about your capabilities.


This is one of the best answer

Write something like this :smile:

Hello my Honorable Client,

:rofl: I don;t think so :))

Just say “hello”
You and buyer not some friends, not lovers, and it’s not your boss. You are equal and you need to take this into account, do not put yourself as someone’s employee instantly.
Partner, perhaps.
Therefore, you must speak as an equal partner.
But its only my opinion.


That’s a nice opinion!!

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I will go with your advice.