Best day so far. EDIT: No not really


I got 3 orders today, probably was the best day in my Fiverr history.

How was your day guys?

princemaxx said: OMG it looks so bad on the total 541 positive feedbacks :/

Ha! Are you mocking me :) Or, helping me reframe it?

I work VERY hard on my 100% gig rating and I offer a return there's never a reason to leave negative feedback, and this time it's even worse. He's actually saying the offer was totally fair it just wasn't for HIM!!!! AH!

I don't think I can even sleep until he gets on and responds to my offer to refund him.


WOW! Let me have a look.

OK just saw it, OMG it looks so bad on the total 541 positive feedbacks :confused:

princemaxx said: Reply to @anarchofighter: Awww :(

I have a guy, brand new to fiverr, 3 day old account that left thumbs down feedback while saying. "This is definite worth $5 ...even more than that. But I didn't like it"

(Sighs...Really?! Grrrr. He said some other opinion things which I firmly believe he is wrong about).


Reply to @anarchofighter: Awww :frowning:

I just got another order so that makes it 4 orders for today, amazing day except for the fact that my ‘main’ computer crashed and I cannot do any gigs until my computer is fixed.

Reply to @whisperflex: Yes it is! Indeed


It was “fine” not great. Better because I did have one big sale. But I’ve also had at least 3 big jerks :slight_smile:


Congrats! It’s an awesome feeling when you start seeing your daily order count going up.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Helping you reframe it. :slight_smile: