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Best Facebook Page For Buyers.....Like Now

This Will Be The Best Facebook Page For Buyers to Get Best Gigs…

Please Like The Page

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

The Best

I am afraid that link looks way too much like a spam or virus link for me to want to click on it. Bumping the message with how good it is smacks of virus bumping or someone who is desperate for clicks - and this is in the buyer’s tips section too.

Please add more info and a public link to show it’s legit, and remember that Fiver ToS forbids outside links used for off-site business…

Done…Link Edited…Now You Can see Its Legit


the best



Please stop spamming by bumping your thread. And even if you have a FB page for buyers, I believe it is against the Fiverr ToS to link to it, as mentioned in another thread where you posted this.

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