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Best fiverr gig promotion method


As a new seller, I have read lots of articles on the best promotional method for my gigs. With so many different approach, I want to ask what the best promotional method is here on fiverr as I know there are a lot of successful sellers here.

Please share your experience below so many new sellers like myself can learn.

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You all said right but a strong and understandable cover photo and portfolio is very helping to promote your gigs on Fiverr.


Go to google, find fourms related to niches, Talk to people over there. Don’t just blasst your links with the service. Give and share knowledge to the community.

Forums are the best way I must say,



When first starting out the more methods you use the better. The method that i have had the best success rate with has always been face to face conversations.

Whatever methods you choose to utilize the key is to keep at it and spend at least a few hours on promoting every day.