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Best Fiverr Gigs Marketing Tips

It’s not good way to rank the gigs.


good information, which can help us raise a better marketing and thus achieve good sales.
but you must apply the same since you are not having enough sales either
Thank you


Good Information @flyingnetworks


great idea thanks you so much


Hi mariashtelle1, I want more order. but how?


I’m trying to follow your tips.

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Thank you for sharing

i don’t get order. i need more order

Hello there @flyingnetworks, do you call this “'Tips For Sellers”? Sorry to disappoint you but this is old news? Everybody knows this, besides promoting your Gigs on Facebook groups will do more harm than good. Except if you know what you’re doing!! You should have added this to your intro. I’m not here to judge you. You just need to be more specific about your so-called TIPS. Best of luck to you! God bless us all, Humberto

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Thanks! short & important post.

It happens again and again — sellers with no sales as @flyingnetworks sharing the best super killing tips.
My suggestion to check the person’s account before you read the post,

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Its also really important to make sure your gig niche isn’t too crowded. If it is, it’ll be much harder to gain traction.

Thank you!

ps. (how do you pronounce niche? I say N EEESH) haha, have a good day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for nice information. It is hepful for me.

wow, many many Thanks for your great information.