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Best fiverr strategy working lately for me!


Give stuff for free !

That’s right give stuff for free !

I’ve never done it before, but tried it a couple of days before, and trust me, people have the tendency to "give-to-get"

So, When you give something for free, they will try to give you something in return or purchase your gigs

So, gather your dusty un-purchased gigs, and offer giveaways for nothing in return as a new year present !

You will be suprised by the results !


Do whatever works for you, personally, I believe gigs are bought with this in mind:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Quality of the work
  3. Cost
  4. Reviews

    If I need a gig video for example, I’m looking for a seller that won’t charge me extra for the music, and delivers quality work in a short amount of time. Right now one of my favorite sellers takes 7-days, which in my opinion is too long, but I like the work he does.

    Also remember that some people are looking for quality vs. quantity, while others appreciate quantity. With me it depends on the gig I do, and how inspired I get.


Reply to @danielrika: I try to overdeliver when I can. As a result (I think), I’ve gotten five-star reviews and returning customers. :slight_smile:


Great idea,but how do you start giveaways?

Don’t get mad if it’s a stupid question,I’m new.


Reply to @chewsy: jost post on fiverr forum

end with "message me if you want a free one."

PS: Message me if you want this alien e-book for free :


You can also deliver two for the price of one and offer to promote the client’s product or services on your social media accounts. :slight_smile:


Reply to @dwoehr: I have tried it a couple of times, but the effect has been bigger when you just give away !


How can you make money if you work for free?

You can over deliver and that works but I really don’t think that working for free is a good idea.


@ solow13

Sure you can make money by offering freebies. Example I create Fiverr Gig Videos for clients as one of my gig offerings. I state in gig description: Order 5 videos & # 6 is FREE! Yes people do respond to it & appreciate the offer. Win Win for all. I get 5 sales from 1 client & client get 6 videos for the price of 5!


Reply to @solow13:

Sure !

People will check your gigs, maby purchase them and feel the obligation to give you something in return !


It is an incentive to encourage potential customers to view your gig offering and possibly purchase your gigs to benefit from the freebies when the need arise. Its can also bring traffic to your website or gig page and you’ll never know. Some people may have a demand for your services and found your offerings more attractive and decide to buy from you. It a brilliant idea and a good strategy that I have employed as well.

Take a minute and check out my gig



Reply to @alpha1kb:

Thank you !

Your gig sounds very good ! the description is very clear, and you have good feedback from your costumers. thumbs up for you !


Posting about giving away free gigs is probably bordering on self promotion. I would bet that you have received messages asking for a free gig since posting this from people just trying to exploit your generosity.

Here is my take on this - my gigs are worth well over $5 especially the posting to my website gigs, they are unbeatable here on Fiverr. ( a lot of gigs offering high pr Domains but it’s no good when they aren’t getting traffic like my website )

I prefer to just complete the order perfectly and work wonders for the buyer and then just when “they think it’s all over, it is now” (love that quote) I add on a bonus for no extra charge, nothing.

The orders I’ve had both hinted that they would have paid more if I took away some features of my gigs and then added then as gig extras, which would make more money. I don’t want to though, it’s Fiverr (Fiverrish after the handlinge fee) and so you pay me $5 right now and I’ll supply you with the best service. I don’t work for you I work with you.


Reply to @perfectgigger:

You’re right here, but if you have a great gig like this : and getting no sales at all, the most reasonable thing would be to give it away !


Reply to @danielrika: Read through your description buddy as you’ve made a few mistakes. Gigs like that aren’t too popular because I can just go on google or YouTube and type in aliens. You seem like a cool guy though, keep up the good work.


thanks !

You offer good stuff too, sad that you have only 2 sales :frowning: