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Best Gig lost impressions and clicks after being denied and reinstated

Hello my friends,

I have a situation here and I need expert comments. I have obviously read the forum for old topics and have got a few inputs, but still need to know more as the situation is little different. I know that impressions are not measure of success, but I am sure low impressions and clicks are effecting my orders as well.

A couple of months ago, my best selling gig was denied by the support team and when I contacted them back, they said that it was denied by mistake and hence, they reinstated it promptly.

Note: I did not make any changes in the Gig before and after the denial.

Since then the impressions, clicks, views have all gone down and I am getting lesser orders as well. Can you please tell me from your hundreds of years of combined experience in Fiverr, what should I do now?

This is the best selling gig I have and in last 30 days, it has received only 25 impressions and 5 clicks. I’m in great need of some genuine help here.

Thanks in advance!

There is nothing to be done about it. Many of us have experienced this.

misscrystal is absolutely right. Its sometime am sure every sellers on fiverr has experienced at one point in time.

I have been there two times at least. Patience is the key.