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Best gigs for amateur/hobby participation

I am new to Fiverr, and haven’t posted any gigs yet.
I am not really expecting to get rich or even make a living doing this. I just want to get involved as a hobby outside of my regular career.
I have several different areas where I have modest to moderate talent.

I was wondering if there are other users out there just trying to do this on a very casual scale, and if so does anyone have any suggestions of gigs that have fewer barriers to entry and that may require less professional training or are less competitive.

Thanks in advance for any positive or useful feedback, and please keep the sarcasm and/or typical canned answers to yourself. I’m actually looking for examples or individual experiences…not data/info that I can google.

First of all, I would suggest overall that you take a look at the gigs available on Fiverr through the search page and look in categories where you have talent. Not google - just Fiverr.

Secondly, as a newcomer to Fiverr and to the forums, a negative approach cautioning people on how to respond or what to keep to themselves may not help you get the best answers the community has to offer. I know that I’m keeping my own response more limited than I otherwise would because the approach is somewhat off-putting.

Thanks for the caution and I’ll keep it in mind, but I’m coming from an experience helping my wife set up an account, and following a simple post on the forum about options she was considering she got berated from the site, so this was based on my experience with Fiverr prior to signing up. Take from it what you will.