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Best gigs for website startups?

where should i start to start getting traffic and SEO for my website? any gig recommendations with results?

If you have Google Adsense, paying for traffic will get your account banned. You don’t want that to happen, believe me.

Please. Please. Do not even try to pay for traffic. Most of it is fake and worthless. The other half does little. Work hard and gain a good reputation and submit your site to search engines.

My advice:

Never spend money on traffic and SEO gigs on Fiverr. You’ll be lured, but please don’t. $5 on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or quality website content is way better than those gigs. But if you have lots to spend, you’re free to waste your money.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: this is why i am asking, i dont want to get fake traffic as its pointless

Reply to @gapwing: There are different things between PPC advertising, CPM, AdWord, Infolinks with backlinks.

Backlink will be in the index and produce droplets of traffic.

Adword generate traffic quickly, but when the balance reaches zero you have to buy traffic again.

While backlink will be permanent and produce droplets of traffic.

You can wisely choose.

It’s your choice

Reply to @gapwing: Message me, I have something to tell you.

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Here are some traffic sources.




This will help you if, you have to market your digital product with a face.


I hope some of these links help you in your new business.

I wish you a successful start-up!



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Hello gapwing, building a brand and reputation takes time. I am a writer and I can tell you the rules are simple.

Post relevant and original content

Interact with your audience

Realize that it takes time

While others may say fiverr SEO gigs for $5 are a waste of money, I beg to differ. Depending on who is writing and what you are writing, you can record outstanding results from fiverr.

I am an SEO writer and if you ever need my services, you may contact me.

Before you send traffic to your site think about getting your website reviewed from a design, usability and conversion perspective.

If you website doesn’t do these 3 things well you’ll be wasting any traffic you do buy