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Best graphic Design software?


hey guys,
i am thinking to learn graphic design. i want to design t-shirts. so which software is best for it ?


Depends on what and how you’ll do it.
I’d go for Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s like $30/mo


You may want to invest in some design courses to get the fundamentals down before you start asking about tools.


you’re absolutely right. would you please recommend a course to me ? i can’t find a specific t shirts design course !!


I never said anything about t-shirt design.

I said design. You need to learn how to drive first before you start driving a specific vehicle.

Design is NOT learning how to push buttons to make something specific.

Design is a combination of principles that you need to get familiar with before even drawing a single line, much less start your gig.


you are right. thank you for your guidance.


There are a lots of You tube videos from which you can learn basics of designing, how to operate
different tools.


thank you. i just needed a heads up. didnt know where to start. so thank you.


You are welcome, you can start a typographic t-shirt gig, typography is very easy to learn.


thanks i will definitely learn it.


No. It’s certainly not “very easy”.


Not easy but easy from graphic designing.


No matter what yout do related to graphic design: Adobe Creative Cloud is the Industry Standard. It’s about $60 / month and you get everything you need for gaphic design. You can learn and do t-shirt design, logo design, illustrations, book editing, book covers, photo editing, video editing, motion graphics, and many more with it.

If you are a new seller and income is low, $60 / month is quite a lot of money. But trust me it pays off on the long run because you can do things a lot faster than with the free software gimp for example. That’s because Adobe CC offers an incredibly comfortable workflow. For example you can put your designs / layouts in the library, and no matter what program you use, you have access to the assets in your library everywhere.

I work with Adobe CC since i started here on Fiverr, for 5 months now, and I love it.



Thank you Tom for your advice. i look forward to use Adobe Creative Cloud.