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Best guidence for buyers

Hi.Hope all buyers will be fine.

I am working on Fiverr since last 2 years.I want to share my experience for buyers in step wise.

If buyer want Quality result and exact result so follow these steps.

> Always send your seller to complete instructions ( that basically what you want. guide them )
>Always send your seller complete Requirements ( that basically what you want )
> send some samples If you have ( you also send sample in sketch form that designed by you on paper )
>keep in touch with your seller every 8 hours ( when order is running )
> Always polite with your seller ( its golden point for ever seller and buyer)
>Don’t blackmail ever to your seller
>Mostly first send message to seller before order ( if you feel that you are reached at right person then order him/her )
>If you got your order 100% awesome then give positive review to your seller that will boost the confidence of seller and seller will try her/his best in future projects ( its optionally )
>if you are really a inspired with your seller give them Tip ( its optionally )

there are some basic points for seller Thanks
(Note : sorry for my English )
Kind Regards

Really Nice Article. And Buyers need to understand every point :slight_smile: its built seller confidence if buyer fulfill this. Thanks for both buyer and seller :slight_smile:

Thanks .I just shared my experience

“keep in touch with your seller every 8 hours ( when order is running )”

What? LOL

I think you need to keep in touch in seller to see their progress. That’s impotant.

yes you are right

these tips are really awesome all sellers can get positive rating and friendly communication with buyers with these tips. Hope buyers can understand this again great effort nimrakhan123 :slight_smile:

Thanks dear

I’m a new to buyer to Fiverr! Sadly, my first experience he didn’t deliver on time, but his work was original, so we agreed to cancel. Secondly, my 2nd experience that I’m dealing with now and I paid $20, the artist just pulled up a stock image and added some words to it.

Fiverr is on strike two. How can I select a quality seller.

Nice Tips…!!!

I’m new as well, but I have been told to really look at reviews and discuss the project in detail prior to committing and ensuring both parties are clear of the end result. At least that way there is a “paper” trail of the original agreement to work with. I just placed my first of two orders and so far feel comfortable with the initial communication - but it helps that I am in the same industry and know the ins and outs. Hopefully things turn out as expected - bit worried now :-/

Ok, this is a basic right.

Do not forget to give 5 :slight_smile:

that is a nice tip but the sellers are not very good at answering. Even after I requested for revision. its been two days and I have not heard from her. i am so disappointed. she has multiple good reviews… I wonder???

Always find good and responsive designer who is able to answer you fastly and give you more revisions . but some times professional sellers have not much time to give multiple revisions and answering you every 2-3 hours… due to huge amount of work load.

one more thing when you send complete proper instructions your requirements then you do not need for revisions always send complete instructions properly