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Best home workout and diet for Quartantine on FIVERR

I will create Home workout based on your body and your goal and I will give you a Diet plan.
HIIT Workout perfect for you to lose fat during your time in Quarantine
I guarantee that it will give you the RESULTS you WANT
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If Fiverr is allowing people to provide tailored health advice to people, I find that very disappointing. Only licensed health professionals should be allowed to do that in a professional context.

And even if you were licensed, Fiverr has no way to know that and no medical credibility to vet you.

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hello I have certificates in Sports nutrition and I have experience in this field
before i do anything I ask if they have any health issues, allergies i should know about.
I guarantee i will not give anything that would harm my clients in any way
Thank you for your concern

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A 4-hour Udemy course… :flushed: :grimacing:

Udemy certificate_ag7bdz

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This is what I mean. Anyone can create a certification for anything. It doesn’t make you truly qualified.

I would sincerely doubt that my local health clinic would hire someone whose certification is from a Udemy seller, but Fiverr seems content to allow people to do that, not that they they have any authority to vet anyway.

Snake oil salesmen used to say that they would never harm anyone. Does that render their work credible and scientifically valid? No.

This is people’s health and it blows my mind that people are allowed to use Fiverr to give tailored health advice. Most companies that give unlicensed health advice would be shut down by the government (and a Udemy certification is not a license…).

The fact that people think certification via Udemy makes it okay to pose as a health professional says it all, really. No true professional would do that. No true professional would think that Udemy is tantamount to a health services license.

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And that’s assuming the Udemy certificate is true. The other one (Shawacademy) that the OP is showing on his gigs, is fake. :grimacing:

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Doesn’t surprise me.

It really does say a lot if someone thinks a Udemy certificate overrides the need for having a license to take care of people’s health…

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I dont think the gig states anything about Professional Health advice… quoting it says “home workouts and diet plans” which means calorie calculations which as far as anyone knows doesnt really need a medical degree or a license.

Regarding the certificates posted… from schawacademy or udemy … 4 hours or 4 years, are not posted to prove that he is a “Professional Medical Health Specialist” … they are extra courses that can be taken to enrich the persons knowledge… i think he states that he is a civil engineer but has 8 years of body building experience if i read correctly.
He isn’t really lying to people and making stuff up.

And for future reference, no-one is really forcing you to buy the gig or to even take a look at it… just let people be… why should we make fun of people or lower their standards when clearly its not hurting anyone… its not a medical advice or Health related issue… simple home workouts…

Providing “diet plans” IS professional health advice.

It’s a diet. It affects your health…

Doing something unethical doesn’t become okay just because people aren’t “forced” to buy it. People shouldn’t be okay with things just because they personally aren’t affected…

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You both seem to have enough outrage to propel a small rocket into space here. However, gym instructors usually aren’t licensed and many do give diet advice.

I was a trainiee gym instructor when I first left school. We never once had ambulances pulling up outside throwing cardiac patients at us. Maybe where you both live, people like personal instructors need to have the blessing of some higher authority. However, you are ripping this person to pieces here, when they HAVE clearly tried to support claims concerning what they offer by taking a Udemy course.

For all you both know, this person could have higher qualification certificates that might not be in English or from an education body you recognize.

Please stop hounding the poor guy, it doesn’t just look ugly, it looks vicious.


Gym instructors are vetted, are they not? That’s my point.

Fiverr shouldn’t allow people to give health advice without vetting (and no, a Udemy course isn’t vetting). Yes, that does outrage me. It shouldn’t be weird that I care about people’s health.

There’s nothing “vicious” about wanting people who give diet plans to have the appropriate vetting to do so.

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thats good but seriously dont know that fiverr gives that type of services.

Its really sad to read such comments…especially calling it unethical as if he was offering an open heart surgery without a medical background. anyways if you google the definition of “diet plans” it states that the daily calorie intake” doesnt really say needs a license…plus you gave a judgement without even seeing the diet plan he is offering… i actually bought the gig… and the plan only states the calorie intake needed with the specific workout i asked for what kind of vegetables are useful what kind of fruits… i didnt really see anything „unethical” about it… i think we all eat fruits and vegetables without asking doctor or am i wrong?
Becauae there are different workouts in case you dont know … muscle building- fat burning- flatter tummy… so please stop judging people…