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Best+Honest Buyer

There’s a buyer who works with me named ********** !
I work with him regularly and he pays me a good rate!

I worked for his website couple of times and last time,
where I had worked for him, his search rank suddenly dropped.
He was disappointed.
He asked me to restore the work and paid me more money.

I think this was the best buyer I had ever meet.
He is from *******.
He’s awesome !!

Great…you will meet many such great buyer over here…

I think that buyer will no more order from you.

Hmm im glad you meet someone cool, but i dont see point of this post and why its in fiverr tips category ? :slight_smile:

“I’ve lost a buyer. How can I win him back? I know, I’ll cheerlead him on the forum and his ego will puff up and glow and he will hire me!”

Hint: nobody likes sycophants.

Well, I know who she is referring to, he is one of my best clients and a real gentleman (Cy knows him too)…but don’t think he would appreciate this extra attention or the sycophancy.

OP, you really need to shake off this unprofessional attitude. It will hurt you. Never name clients, never reveal anything about them or their business. I hope the mods remove this thread.

I have reported this thread, I hope the mods remove it.

If it’s who I think it is, with the er cell biz, I also know them.

It was just a deceivingly you

I will agree with what she said above because i have also come across sure before,after i delivered his order he gave me a five star review and placed an order again telling me to keep the money as a gift.

There are buyers do not understand anything and There are buyers best So we apply to us also the saller There are saller do not understand anything does not like good to last

LoL. Improve your English. It’s like me who “do not understand anything” you said.

Tip from a BUYER : I have purchased 5 gigs so far – EACH was hindered by language. If you do not have good use of English, the job will suffer – because you did not fully understand instructions. Make sure you understand the instructions.

No worries, the username and location has been fully blocked out. Sometimes a thread is best left up so that others can see what kind of threads are appreciated and which ones are not. We definitely appreciate a click of the report button when anyone finds a thread problematic!

It is not cool to name a buyer and where he is from even if it is to say he is nice, and then to go into details about what you did for him and things he did is laughable.