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Best idea submitting offer I get order in 3 hours after creating account

Hello guys !
I got order in 3 hours after creating my account i want to show how can i do it because my offer submitting description was unique i think . it has some tips for seller:

Dear Sir ! I read and completely understand. Believe me I have 13 years of experience I need once chance I assume you will be happy with my work. I will create an outstanding, professional, eye catching and modern work for you minimum time and credit don’t worry it is money back guarantee. If you want to discuss more about it please come into inbox Thank you Very Much!


I don’t suggest having a money back guarantee. You are not going to be happy if you get a couple of cancellations where people take your offer of a money back guarantee.


and also, you shouldn’t say sir because some females won’t like that. I saw a thread on it, I’ll link it here when I find it.


Congrats on your order… But, this reply is too generic and there is nothing about what buyer needs. It looks like template that you are sending to anyone in buyer request.


I think after 2 months… I will wait for another post of yours with the title, “No orders! Please help.”

Your tip is the opposite of the tip. I will never reply as a buyer if I will receive this offer. You are claiming too much with nothing to showcase.


:joy::joy::joy: … I also think so .

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If you get an order from this offer, that’s a co-incidence. A co-incidence doesn’t happen everyday. You have to know what you are going to do and you have to let your buyer know that you know it.


Let’s not forget that this was his first order!

Congratulations @moderngraphics1 on landing your first job within hours of singing up :relaxed:

Take the other comments as constructive criticism to improve you gig and communicational skills.


@moderngraphics1 good wishes for you. Keep it up.

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Sorry to quote myself but here is the link: Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


Yeah that’s much better but I think money back guarantee is not good for all the buyers. You can offer it after discussing the work they ask from you.

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it should be on specific based on order.

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Congratulation for your 3 orders…

I never find any special words in your offer request!!! It’s very common format and nothing you explain here based on buyer requirements…Buyer request should be specific and explanation about service…

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you are right 100%

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I think that offering a refund of money for a job you do not like is not good idea at all

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