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Best Idea that I got for fiverr


Hello, Hope everyone doing best on FIverr

Here I would like to recommend fiverr to make the Great Deals on Gigs, For example a seller should be able to set on gig discount(like 20 off,30% off) or Free extra to increase the Sale.

what do you say?


I don’t know why in the last time many sellers would like to work with discounts/free work/refunds… etc.
If you all see it coldly… Fiverr wants to make $$ and if you all offer discounts/free stuff/refunds they will just go into bankruptcy.
Simple as that.


That is the way of thinking and obviously it is differ each person nature to Nature.

I was mean to set discount, If you make it 30% off, a buyer that buys all the time your gig just for 5, maybe this time he buy for more than that . And that’s all beneficial for seller, Buyer and Fiverr team.


… then your competition will make 35% off, and their competition 40%… and 50%… and 99.9%
Now you can see where I was going…


Fiverr can set a constraint to make it off for specific limit.


… then everybody has a limit of 20% discount and everybody will use it and instead of selling for $5, they all will sell for $3,5.
More discounts?


You won’t understand, Thank you


Then explain it to me… you have the opportunity, this thread is yours…
I’ve explained it to you, don’t be shy now


Do you ever hear about requirement Analysis department ?


Please enlight me in that topic


Please read the Thread title and then read the last reply.


It’s called Fiverr - I think $5 is low enough - with any further discounts, it would be a race to the bottom, and would end up being called Zeroerr, as we’d all be working for nothing, Fiverr would get 20% of nothing, and we’d get 80% of the remaining nothing! :wink:


Why do you guy only focusing on 5$?


I guess I strongly agree with @wuerz123 here. He’s got a valid point. Competition would just blow off Fiverr system. And new sellers would be offering a trip to Moon for 5$ :stuck_out_tongue: lol


The clue’s in the name? Fiverr :slight_smile:


What should that mean now?
You’ve posted “Best idea I got for Fiverr” yet you won’t even discuss about it? or even explain it to someone who has problems in understanding like me? poor me?


Hey! OP!
Please come back my friend and explain that to me.
I gave you my point of view, you wrote in your thread "what do you say?"
I’ve said something, but don’t take it personally. I gave my explanation.
If you meant to make discounts to current clients of yours, to make them come back, that won’t work either (you can anyway tell them: you get 30% discount the next time and I send you a Custom Offer), but that doesn’t mean he will buy from you constantly and every day (unless you sell bread), because a buyer will buy from you just when they need something , could be tomorrow, in 1 month or in 10 years.


I am already doing in lowest rate, Dont need any discount section . Now a days all seller are selling 100$ Gig In 204. so I am really in trouble because of this.

Dont you think its discount wen a seller reduce their actual charge ?


What’s up with the notion of giving stuff away for FREE?! Fiverr is NOT a charity this is a business, treat it as such. Bills, bills, bills I cannot call up the electric company and say “hey, can you give me a discount this month?” the cost of living is increasing for most. If Buyers value your work, they will PAY for your services, and not expect freebies/discounts every single time.


YES exactly! If you offer great customer service and the time and energy it requires then why sell yourself too short? I have to admit I get irritated when I’m asked for discounts on here…