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Best Idea that I got for fiverr


I don’t know if we are allowed to post links but I hope so…

@sufwaan074 ck out the 2 min video

and this


Yes that wll be good for bundle order or deal the discoiunt thng @sufwaan074
For Eample you if we remove background for $5 for a single image. But if the person order our bundle Offer 100 images then we can have a discount feature available… :slight_smile:


It works the opposite way. If you offer discounts and free things people don’t want it.


What else is there to focus on… But I get your point about giving discount to your buyers you can always do it for example you set a limit ($30) anyone order to and beyond that limit will get 20% or whatever discount you want to give…
For permemnant sellers you can always offer low through custom offer…
I don’t think Fiverr need to change anything for that it up to you how much you price your gig


Even $5 is low they should increase it to Atleast minimum wage rate


What if you could do a particular gig in less than an hour? Maybe it would only be 5 or 10 mins of actual work.

Or what if you want to create x% off to generate sales that you weren’t getting (or getting enough of before)? Other companies sometimes add a x% off to their products, even when the product is less than $5 normally. It can encourage people to buy/try that product when they would probably not do so otherwise.

Another bad thing about gig prices is you can only set them in $5 increments, even though in buyer requests you can set them to any whole number value within the allowed range - but not in fractions of a dollar. People/companies selling other goods can set any value (within reason), not just in 5$ increments and can set it at eg. $4.50 or $4.99 etc. Additional extras to a gig especially don’t need to be a min of $5, since a particular additional extra may take a minimum amount of work to add. People may be less likely to add a particular extra to a gig because they think it would be worth maybe $3 extra but not $5 extra - so the seller would lose out in that case if the buyer didn’t add the extra at all (and it may have been a minimum amount of extra work for the seller to do).


Is that a “bad thing”?
Fiverr is giving a minimum price, independently of what you offer and how long it takes to you to do something because they want to earn money with your job.
Is it so difficult to see?
Buyers come here to ask for things they cannot do, or have no ability to do or no time to do.
I create posters sometimes in less than 10 minutes. Does that demean the quality of my job?
I am just fast because I have experience in doing that, what some other people don’t!
Is that simple, and I want to be paid for my experience also, and so many sellers here too.
What you all are asking is to “punish” Fiverr with fewer earnings pro order, so you all can get (in your opinions) more clients. Why should Fiverr do that?
Fiverr is clear in what they tell you in order to sell in this platform:
Offer whatever “you are willing to do for $5”.
You can offer for $5 to build a whole website, nobody stops you from doing that. And I assure you that if you do it, you will have 10.000 people in your queue. Now, why nobody offers that?
Instead of trying to low the prices, and “punish” Fiverr, increase your work, and what you will do for $5, then come to tell us the results.


Well I’m sure it’s been said that setting a price at eg. $4.99 gives (quite a bit?) more incentive for someone to buy a product than pricing it at $5.00. That’s why in shops goods are often at 4.99 or 4.95 or 4.49 etc. instead of whole number values like $5.00 or £5.00.

Fiverr would earn more from someone buying a gig at $8 than at $5 because the buyer didn’t want to add the extra when it was priced at $5 but would do if it was priced at $3. So if an extra takes a minimum amount of extra work, it shouldn’t need to be a min of $5 for that gig extra.


Please @uk1000 I really don’t want to argue about this, just show me statistics about what you state now.
Numbers, probability calculus, strategy plan, etc. to back up this statement, and I will be glad to discuss with you in this topic.
New people come to this platform and want to change the rules.
Instead, they don’t understand that to be part of this platform you have to accept the rules.


I don’t have statistics to back it up. I could create a poll but I’m not sure whether that would be what you want/what others would, and it would likely best be done by Fiverr or a polling/survey company they decide or through the site itself when ordering (such as questions about the order they’ve just made). But I know when I ordered a gig, I would have paid above the price of the gig for one or more of the gig extras being offered, but at a min of $5 for each gig extra, I decided to not include any of the gig extras in my order. So in that case Fiverr lost out on getting more $ for that order.

they don’t understand that to be part of this platform you have to accept the rules

If Fiverr just want everyone to accept things exactly as they are, they wouldn’t have created a forum with a section called “Fiverr site suggestions”.


That could be a good first step.
Please do it. We can go on then with some numbers.
I agree on that


Okay I’ll do that. Though I think it would be better done by Fiverr (or the company they select) or through the Fiverr website. But I’ll have a go.


Like you’ve said: this is Fiverr Site Suggestions.
If Fiverr would consider this topic from alone as a valid idea to discuss… they would have done it already :wink:


I like discounts and free things, sometimes. :slight_smile:

Sellers already promise free stuff here. It doesn’t appear to work too well for them.


I really dislike the .99/.95/.49/etc. pricing. For that reason I’ve trained myself to automatically round numbers up in those cases.


Here’s the poll I created related to this:

I wasn’t sure whether to also add a poll question about allowing special offers (eg. 10% off) too - but adding too many questions may lead to less people filling in the poll etc. and a poll could be added to this thread for people to vote on that and it was the OP’s idea.


So far I haven’t got an order which I could do in five minutes… Besides
if you give example of companies they produce in bulk which saves cost the
per unit cost of a product may be $2 or less and they will never go beyond
profit margin… Whenever they are givibg discounts they exclude the profit
not the actual cost they are getting actual production cost.


plus, you don’t get $5/5 fiverr get 20% of your earnings


An example of an order that might be done in a short time (eg. maybe 5 or 10 mins) might be one using some sort of template, like those logo intros. The logo intro anims might be “pre-done” templates. I they were popular enough all that would be required would be to load the program+template, load the buyer-supplied logo into it, press render to render it (and assuming it renders reasonably fast) and deliver the resulting anim (maybe the rendering/uploading might be what takes the most time, but it would just be a few clicks of actual work if you have already set everything up before hand).

Also, even if the user isn’t getting much profit from that “10% off” or “20% off” or whatever, the point is it’s only a temporary special offer. It’s a promotion. It gets people interested in the product who might not ordinarily have bought it. They might continue to buy it or other gigs the seller offers afterwards, or the increased (positive) reviews may encourage others to buy the gig in future. On a new/newish gig, having a special offer might be a good way to get that gig going with orders (though I think at least with certain goods, if has to have been sold at a particular price for x amount of time somewhere before it can be offered as a “10% off” etc. - basically ensure it follows what the law says is okay). Just like book promotions with new books (where they might even give away so many new books, or maybe have some sort of contest with winners getting free copies).


I am sorry if I insist on this topic, but all of you who talk about discounts, are not seeing the whole picture.
You should not concentrate in your Gig as a single thing lost in the vast internet ocean. You need to see it within the Fiverr Platform.
If you all succeed in having this so long-waited-and-desired discount, then Fiverr will give (let’s say) 20% off.
Then all the new sellers (because it’s mostly the new sellers who come with this idea) will give 20% discount. Of course, the Level 1 sellers will also do the same, and put their 20%, Level 2 sellers do the same, and Top Rated Sellers also.
Where are you standing now?
Exactly at the same point like at the beginning, with one difference: you have to anyway work but to get less money. And, on the other hand, I don’t understand the logic in bringing this discounts, because with 20% less, 50% less or 90% less… your prices in comparison to the ones of other sellers remain the same. The only ones who will benefit from this are the buyers!
Fiverr will get 20% less, all sellers 20% less and the buyers will get 20% more value for their purchases.
Do you all really believe that because you sell 20% less, and I also do it… my clients will come to you? They will be happy to have my work for less money! And all other buyers too!
I mean… Am I watching the wrong movie??