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Best Idea that I got for fiverr


I think you are missing the fact that it is (at least as I see it) a temporary special offer. For the reasons specified in my above post (to get interest/promote a gig). Like with books, they may give away certain amount in a promotion at the book’s launch, to promote the book, get reviews of the product etc. which would hopefully increase sales later on. It could also be done as a lower price than normal for that gig instead of saying “x% off”. eg. <$5. On a new gig with no reviews, people are hesitant to take the chance on it, but maybe with a temporary lower price, they would try that gig, and that purchase would lead to (hopefully positive) reviews that would lead to more purchases, even after the price was increased to its intended price.


To get a temporary lower amount of money… and then?
If you all are willing to give free stuff, who stops you to do it?
Open a webpage, promote your webpage and give all what you want for free…
This is a business platform, potential buyers who see “free stuff” will automatically see it as not serious because the implication of having to pay a price, determines that the seller has to have a minimum of responsibility in what they deliver.
Right now you all can give stuff for free, discounts and other stuff, who is stopping you?
Tell your clients: next time you order from me you’ll get 50% off… or next time you get a free work from me and I want to see what kind of clients will approach you: you will be working double to get the same amount of a normal Fiverr seller, or you will be working days/weeks for free, to fulfill your promises.
FYI: if you want to succeed here, you need to get the good clients, the serious ones, and those are not the ones who ask for freebies and discounts.
After that: your Gig=Your business.