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Best ideas for gig

I hope you’re doing well.
I’m a bit new here.
Actually, I have a gig about Data entry, and this is something that I am very good at. But, I noticed that a lot of people are doing the same, and I got only one order. I was thinking about to create other gig but I need some ideas to get started.

I can do:
Audio transcription in French, creole or English
Film review
Make simple lyrics videos using Filmora.

Which one is the best idea?

Is film review a good idea for a gig?
And what about simple lyrics videos?
Can I download music on YouTube, for example Shallow, and edit my lyrics to add sample on my gig gallery?
Because, I’m thinking about right on the audio, I will use.

Thank you


Great idea to make yourself stand out!! My opinion is narrow that down to what you enjoy doing best, or are best at. I don’t know much about your type of business because I read Tarot cards (although I could find out the best course of action for you by a reading if you are into that kind of thing) But being new, don’t stress just yet on not many orders it does take a little while. They will start coming to you. What you can do is look up other gigs in your category and if anything on your list is NOT on any of theirs, go with that one?

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I don’t recommend film review because Fiverr might think people are paying you to give movies good reviews.

When it comes to music, it’s better to create your own. If you play Shallow on the piano, there won’t be any copyright issues, but if you download someone else’s creation, that could have issues.


Thank you for your encouragement. Hope I’ll find my way and stand out. Actually my business is to any kind of work related to Data entry, but the competition is to high. But, I can do other things like making lyrics videos, I wanted to start a gig about it.


I want to use music as a background with no copu right and usage issue for my gig where i’ll get this?

I want to use music as a background with no copy right and usage issue for my gig where i’ll get this?

Ah okay, actually it won’t be on the piano. It will be like transcribing the music, but I’ll use a software to do it. The song will play, and you will be able to see the lyrics. It will be lyrics videos.
And, I wanted to know if I can use 1 minute of an original song, and do a video lyric with it.
I will make simple lyrics videos for any kind of music, but I need to have sample to prove that I’m capable of doing this work.

On YouTube, but not on others video.
There is an audio library on YouTube, you can use those songs.
After that, I don’t know other issues yet.

Google “public domain music” or ask someone with similar gigs.

I suppose that’s OK with Fiverr. You can ask Customer Service.

I suppose you could, but you should have a disclaimer at the bottom of the video. I know that when article writers quote other articles, they always provide attribution. What you don’t want are accusations of plagiarism.

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Yes, I understand. Thank you for your help.

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