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Best, least harmful way to cancel an order when you have no choice

Can anyone tell me if they have noticed that when the buyer initiated a cancellation it did not affect your stats?

We have a bug. She can’t put in her requirements as that is not loading, that section of the order page. Customer support tells me they can’t say if it will affect my stats or not.

If she cancels is it better? She would put “not able to place requirements” as the reason.

I have not much experience with doing this.

What if it keeps happening? And I have to keep cancelling orders due to this bug?

That’s why I was hoping to have this escalated as it puts me into a situation where it’s dangerous to continue to keep taking orders if I have to keep cancelling them.

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Well why do you need to cancel?

If the requirements page doesn’t load on their end, you can open the order page and click on the button that says “i have everything I need” so the order is activated.

Then have them provide the requirements by order update or via inbox.

I wish I could do that but unfortunately that button and the entire requirements section is missing and there is only a blank white page. There is no way to start the order. So I have this very nice lady, it’s the first time she has ordered anything on fiverr, and I have to spend a couple of hours while I wait for customer support to answer and then they tell me to do it all in the message system, not understanding that the requirements need to be filled in but the entire order page is missing. It’s a blank white page.
I’ve spent all evening talking to the buyer, trying to figure out what to do, not knowing if cancelling and her trying to place another order is the way to go or will only lead to two cancellations on my stats instead of one when neither one will work.
And not getting any help from CS aside from them turning it all over to the proper department. I really am at a loss here about what to do.
Not to mention losing a large order.I feel terrible for the super nice client also. She was so excited and now this.

Right now, not knowing me or what fiverr is all about she is wondering if she lost her money or what is really going on. She had to go to the bank etc. It’s really awful for her and me.

And I don’t know if this is merely a one time thing or will keep happening with me having to cancel, taking the hit to my stats, or if its only with custom offers, etc.

That’s 100% your responsibility to make sure your client doesn’t think that.

So yes it sucks that your order page is not working but you shouldn’t share your frustration or questions with the client.

Ask CS if they can activate the order on their end. Start working on the order with your client via inbox (you need to offer outstanding customer service after all) and only update them on a need to know basis, seeing that if a cancellation is to take place they will need to place a new order.

Just to clarify: by start working on the order, I mean move the requirements there so they can provide you with what you need. Don’t actually deliver until you know what the solution to the technical issue is.

To answer your original question: yes your order completion will take a hit regardless of who initiated the request or what the reason was.


I’m sure that the order won’t be activated. I sent messages just trying to explain what I meant and ended up being told to have her contact CS about her account like they thought it was a problem with that.

Yes I did manage to reassure her as much as possible she didnt’ lose her money.

As far as sharing my frustrations with the client, I have to try to explain why her order isn’t happening which isnt’ an easy job. We sent multiple screenshots back and forth and had to discuss this for two hours.

It was not “me sharing my frustrations with my client” as you put it.
What gave you that idea? It was me trying to reassure her and explain to her what was happening how she will not lose her money how the order will take place anyway and how she is going to get some extra bonuses from me. I’m not exactly an amateur here.

But still I would like to have the order, have it actually start and not get a hit to my stats over a severe bug on the order page if possible.

I might end up doing about six hours of work for her for free. And get the hit.

you definitey should calm her down,and of course she doesnt have to go to her bank yet as it seems the order did go through and her money is not lost.
of course no promises but even a short message like “no worries at all, It looks like a bug in their system, I’m already in touch with them trying to reslove it but in the meantime fiverr support asked you to contact them directly as it might help to resolve this issue when they see it from your side and can ask you additional questions. It might take some time for us to resolve this but we will handle this and support is usually resolving their system bug sooner or later”
of course you are a native speaker so you can reword my message in a nicer way but that totally will help her to calm down and take a cofee even if it will take some time.

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Yes I’ve been as calming as possible and she had sent a resolution request to cancel and due to me reassuring her she decided to withdraw that on her own.
She had gone to the bank for money to purchase the order, It’s not a problem about how I’m communicating with her at all. She and I are understanding each other great.

I’m saying how bad it must be for her to have her first order on fiverr be like this. The problem is, the order can’t start and I have to cancel it, and don’t know if it’s safe for her to place it again. It was a custom order, a big one, and she and I would both love for her to be able to place that order but not sure if it’s possible to.

I was hoping CS could straighten this out but it seems like it won’t be handled by them any time soon, at least not this one, and it was disconcerting to see they even have a special place to check as you start to message them asking if it’s about the order page not loading. And I don’t know if this is going to be fixed or affect more orders.

I like this idea but they aren’t going to get it fixed by the time I’m ready to deliver the order and then what, tell her I can’t deliver it due to not having an actual, started order?

But I’m going to cast at least one of her spells tonight and maybe deliver one tomorrow anyway because she is so nice about all this. So a great suggestion that was Frank.

Well actually that is what I call a “time buying” plan.
Delivering on the order and taking the financial hit is what I expect a TRS to do. So kudos on thinking of that outcome upfront.

Not sure if you are sarcastic but you are welcome for the help.

Well there are three of us here who work on big orders like this and I don’t want to do that to them although I can do these myself and simply deliver that. So do the work for free myself as much as possible lose the money and take the hit to my stats. lol ok, it makes sense I guess. It is just because she is so sweet about it.

Alright so I’m about to start doing a $600 order for free, and will give me a downgrade to my stats since the order won’t start. This is the first time that luck spell has worked for someone before it’s even been done.

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Unless you cancel it you won’t take a hit on your order completion metric.

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WOW it got fixed just now! It’s 4 a.m. and suddenly she was able to add her information and the order began.

She said she got an email from CS that her order would now start when she added her requirements. So they came through.


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Great news!
Happy ending!

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Thanks! Saturn must have finally shifted out of my sign this morning. :ringer_planet: