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Best Long Term Twitter Management for a Steal!


If you have a twitter account then let me help you get it off the ground. I will help you slowly but surely build your following with relevant followers who are actually INTERESTED in YOUR NICHE. I’ve been doing this for over 18 months now and I have a keen awareness of twitter’s regulations. Over 60 satisfied customers so far :slight_smile:

The longer you use my services the more value you get! This is a great long term gig. $5 for the first month, 2nd months free, then just $5 per month after that. I average about 200 followers for people the first month, then about 400 the 2nd month, then about 600 per month after that. And these are REAL followers people, not bots. These followers will actually be interested in you and/or your business. Doing this yourself manually would take you over 7 hours per month. So is saving 7 hours of your time worth $5 to you?

Not only that, but I offer tweeting, responding, retweeting services in the gig extras, all of which will help draw attention to you, keep your account looking personal, interesting, and interactive, and keep your followers from developing a blindness of you. So you can have a hands-off approach and still get the attention, exposure, and traffic you deserve from twitter.

All my services together would save you over 37 hours per month if you were to do it yourself.

This is the exact strategy I’ve used to get over 11,000 followers in the last 18 months, not to mention about 29.33% of my targeted traffic comes from twitter. So I highly recommend it.

If you don’t have a twitter account I will create one for you for a fiverr. This includes setup, image, bio, page background, and header background (you provide me with the images).

Thanks all! And happy tweeting!