Best marketplace for new seller of GSA ser back links buyers community


please provide guide line for new seller commit mistake when the become the part of fiverr they are not aware of the correct line of the road map of fiverr
some time the fade up and they leave this place although they have the excellent skill but do nt know how to use their skill on fiverr and get the buyers or work
i think there should be a specific place


It’s near the end of the year so I’m feeling generous, but I really have no idea what you are talking about. However, anytime I need 50,000 blog comments I’ll be sure to buy your gig.

“English - Fluent”

There are different interpretations of fluent I suppose.


Read Terms of Service first. Your gigs may be against TOS. You may want to check with Customer Support.

Here you will find help on how to make gigs.


My guess is that you want to know how to get work because you are very skilled but don’t know how to make sales.

This is truly remarkable, one million backlinks for $20. Even when a bot does that it would take at least a week running the computer 24 hours a day. And it would get the site banned from google.

$20 $10 $5

Description 1 Million Backlinks

How are you planning to write 50,000 blog comments? How long will that take you?

For $20 you will make 450,000 blog comments. Won’t that take about one year to do? Or do you use something like this?

Sorry, it just boggles the mind.

Actually it would be 1000 a day for 450 days. One year and five months.


I can’t visualize a click/comment farm that large :rofl:


It’s 450 people writing 1000 blog comments each. For a total of $20.


And for $40 you will do it in one day?

that’s a bargain.

Whoever gets that needs to pay for a server all to themselves to have space on their site.

One million backlinks for $20 delivered in ten days.


Every new sellers gets a very thorough guide. It’s called Fiverr’s Terms of Service (@vickiespencer has provided you with the link), and in order to create your Fiverr account, you have to check the box confirming that you’re agreeing with them.

Fiverr provides everyone with their Terms of Service. It is not Fiverr’s fault if people refuse to read the rules, and then “make mistakes”.


Had me laughing there MissC! :rofl:


OK thanks a lot and you are most welcom


Not able to stop :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Its a GSA [ search engine ranking]for service mam and i use this software or you can call it a tool.


I use this i think you people are laughing but you dont know about this :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Anybody who owns a blog knows all about spam comments. You’ve got permission from every blog owner whose blogs are going to be spammed I presume? It’ll only take one of them to complain and your gig will be removed for 3rd party ToS violation I’m afraid.


It’s a black hat SEO tool. Your buyers could get penalized by Google, and if someone complains to Fiverr, your gig (or your account) could get removed.


I agree. A website will be removed from google for this.


All those backlinks and blog comments? Easy. I just drink 147 gallons of espresso. Piece o’ cake.


I am new her on fiverr I thought i got help here but its so disappointing people are laughing at me . if u guys do nt wona help me its ok with me:persevere::disappointed_relieved::sob::sleepy:


I apologize for being rude. It seems I can’t control my reactions to some things that are outlandish. Surely you can understand how offering to sell one million backlinks, or 450,000 blog posts for a few bucks sounds. I am not familiar with this so it might be legitimate for all I know so I shouldn’t have said anything.

But even with a software program, the sheer numbers of it would take months to accomplish.


Funny when you buy blog spam on fiverr and get your own bait blogs blasted with your own bogus blog post and change the linked image to the source details.