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Best marketplace for new seller of GSA ser back links buyers community


I gave you two links that will help you. What another poster pointed out is that your gig says you are fluent in English when it seems like that is not the case. This is a global market if you are not fluent, then say “English-Conversational .” I can only speak English, I respect people who learn another language. One of my favorite sellers is from Indonesia, she is a level 2 now after a short time and her profile says,“English-Conversational .” Buyers will appreciate you being honest about your speaking skills.


That would mean you were able to converse in a conversation.


Thanks for your guidance, which links mam?


I am sorry you got your feelings hurt, but try to look for the help that has been given in the posts.
@catwriter answered your question with this helpful post that also contains a warning. She is helping you, not making fun of you.

Then @offlinehelpers warned you about your gig being seen as spam and that it more than likey will be removed. That is not making fun of you. It is helpful information.

@misscrystal apologized for her silliness already so that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:

We were all new sellers once. I did not get my first order until I had been here a month. It is hard to get started and it takes hard work to continue to be successful. You will have better luck if you offer gigs that are not against TROs.

In my comment near the beginning of this thread.

About your English. My friend from Indonesia said she improves her English by studying on YouTube. Maybe that will help you. Also, she comes to the Forum and has friends here whom she practices talking with through her posts. We are always glad to see her here.


The OP is much better than I would be in her language. :wink: I respect her for trying. Is there another English level she could put? :thinking:


I hate to say it but all I can think of at the moment is broken English.


But is that a choice for us on the choices we are given when we sign up?


There is basic. And as far as I´m aware, you can change your language proficiency and also languages anytime.

If you hover the languages listed on your profile page while logged in and viewing as a seller, you can see a pen as an edit icon next to each language you listed.


Thank you. I hope @memahr the OP will take advantage of this and change her language proficiency. Buyers want sellers that are honest, and being a basic English speaker is not something a seller can hide by saying they are fluent.


Ok thanks , I will follow your instructions. thanks once again itsreally nice to talk to you