Best Month/Worst Month...EVER


So it has been a banner month for me.
Sales have been the best they have been for me in 12 months. I’m not bragging, it’s a key part of the rant to follow.
As good and as busy as it has been, I guess it was too much to ask for the sky not to fall.
I don’t know if it’s inverse consequences of “the higher the climb, the longer the fall”, but I went years…YEARS, without 3 cancellations now I’ve 3 in 30 days…through no fault of my own.
I was kicking some serious butt on deliveries, reviews, quality of the work being delivered…and now…this.
I’ve said before, I don’t chase reviews or rankings and ratings, I just crank out the best work I can, on time and 99.9% of the time it’s good enough. I’ve still got a ton (for me) orders in cue.
But I’m beginning to feel as if some fiverr buyers are expecting too much, for too little…and by the too little, I mean lack of information.
As a creative, the more information, the better the result and even though art is subjective, then goal of the video work is not. Not sure of the impact my downward spiral, but what I DO know is that now the law of averages are back on my side. Win!!!
Now I’m better…


This month it will be the first time in 5 years working here, that I make more $$ than in Christmas time… I’m surprised / glad / busy as hell… but as you say here:

… I’m still waiting for the rain to come…

In the meantime…
Cheers up!
Let’s enjoy it while it lasts! :tada:


Keep the umbrella handy!




As awesome as that is, this month was my worst of all my 7 years on Fiverr, yeah, worse than my first months on Fiverr, too.


With record sales can come record cancellations I’ve found. 3 won’t harm you. Congratulations on your success!


Glad to hear that things are going well for you… really am.

Not the same can be said here. Granted this month will be better than last month, but I’m still down overall. Next month won’t be any better as I’ll be going on vacation soon and having surgery practically the next day we get back.


Sorry to hear that…
You’ve got like 1,000,000 positive reviews, so thats a +++
For me late spring/early summer have always been an busy time…on the video side.
That, Halloween and Christmas are my busiest times, but I just had the chance to market off-fiverr and a friend of mine had a book signing locally which I attended and turned into 10 orders for book trailers. Thats a big reason for my uptick…the downside is that it is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time.

You know the drill, ride out the lull and prep for the storm of buyers coming your way!


Same here :sweat:.
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I had surgery too and couldn’t do voiceovers for 2 months. That hurt me way more off-fiverr than on, since the bulk of my voiceover work is regionally advertising. All I can say is to aggressively market when you are back. There IS truth when many of the top sellers and risers say you have to market your fiverr services off-fiverr. It took me a while to reap some of the benefits, but it works.
Best of luck in your surgery and recovery.


Well, I don’t know…my earnings on Fiverr have remained the same every month since I started - low 4-figures, very consistent. The number of orders go up and down, position in search results goes up and down…but my earnings remain the same, more or less. Not so high that I can boast about it, but not low either (not low from the Indian perspective, I mean). [Damn, I was supposed to be off Fiverr Forum till June 20…okay adios!]


Hello Markusvoice,

I understand when you say clients expect too much for too little. Specially when it comes to art.

I blame it on the lack of education. Anyone just getting started in any industry tries to break through by selling very cheap. It’s understandable. No one knows if you can do the job and you need some reviews, so the prices might be very low even though the quality provided is on par with the top of the list.
But this causes the client to think that they can get that kind of quality for very little money.

You may also look at the other side of the picture and feel very safe that most of the people that will hire you understand what it takes to do what you do (or at least know the value of quality).



I am here around three months, so I think it’s not comparable yet. Also, the thing is, I do not like comparing things. :smile_cat:
btw, glad to hear, yours goes well. :slight_smile:


Been here for almost 2 months now.

All i can say is that this month is better for me than last month.

Thank you @fiverr.


Can’t tell about the worst month or the best month. All I know a buyer can make the difference… $$$ for 2hours of Job.


I fond it best to diversify. I work with local companies and write for myself too, so if fiverr slows down, my income doesn’t suffer too much.


I have a full time, up and running creative media business outside of fiver too, but they fund two separate goals, so, in my case, slow down on one platform only effects that funding stream. I just started the thread because of the dichotomy of my recent monthly run, hence the best month/worst month title.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


best of luck for the future