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Best months for sales?

As someone who joined in June, one would think that I joined during a “drought period” as some others on this forum might suggest. Obviously the fact that I’m a new seller might also play into this.

What months tend to be “the best”, “okay” or “the worst” for you?

March has been good for me consistently. Other than that, the sales patterns are too unstable to make predictions.


Interesting! I wonder why March is routinely successful for you.

The holidays, oddly enough, were pretty great for me. I would have thought it to be a slow time of the year, with most ad campaigns wrapping up and everyone leaving town for the holidays. (I do VO, btw)

Spring was pretty good too, come to think of it.

Honestly though, until I were to get three or four years under my belt, it’d be impossible to judge with any accuracy.

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There are a lot of events happening from May to October (music, theatre, other festivals) so March would be (roughly) the appropriate time to start the preparations and marketing campaigns for that, I think.

It should be February but my guess is since most of my clients are either individuals or small businesses, they don’t have to go through that many circles of approval hell and they can afford a late start of sorts.