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Best offer option should be added

I think this would be a good idea to help out sellers and buyers on Fiverr. A Best Offer option. For example… a seller has a gig priced and listed at $30 or more. A buyer would then see this gig in their search results, with a small icon beside it that reads accepting best offers. The buyer though would be allowed to set what best offer they’d accept to perform the task. So in this case, lets say you’re willing to do you $30 gig for only $25. Not a penny less. Or your $75 gig for $65, and not a penny less. In some cases, it would trigger the job to start right away and the seller would be notified that they have a new job to fill. Of course, this option would only be available to sellers whose gigs are priced above $5.


As a seller, I set my prices at the price I wish to offer them. Why would we need a complicated system like this? Either my buyers are willing to pay my prices, and I work for them, or they aren’t willing to pay my prices, and they have to go find someone else to do the job cheaper.

I am not a cheap seller. I don’t accept “best offers”. I accept the prices I have chosen to set.



I get a lot of potential clients who always ask me if I can reduce my prices. Why though? My prices are already far below the average for a writer like myself, if anything I should be charging MORE not LESS.

Also, if I were to have a gig that literally said “I am selling this for 20$ but will accept 15$ if you ask me” why would anyone buy it at 20$? If I sold milk for 4$ a gallon and then said that “You can request this milk be sold for 2.50 instead” then what is the point of having the initial price to begin with?

Who in their right mind would willing pay more when they don’t have to?


It’s not necessarily about doing the work for super cheap, but really is about cutting out the haggling process that sometimes goes on with Fiverr sellers and buyers in the personal messages area. It gives a seller who is willing to sell their services at maybe 1 to 4 dollars cheaper, options to bring in new customers. At the end of the day though, a seller would not be obligated to use the “Best Offers” option. But for sellers who think it would help draw new customers, I think it’d be a good option to add.

There shouldn’t be a haggling process. Set your price and stick to it.

I don’t haggle at the supermarket, why would I do it or have it done to me here?


I totally agree :100:% with the other posters here.


Fiverr is not a swap meet or flea market to haggle prices.

My prices are set in stone. If I decide on changing my prices, then so be it. Fiverr gave me that choice! Besides, if my prices or other Sellers prices aren’t right. The Buyer can shop around to find a Seller to better fit their budget. The beauty of Fiverr is we can set our own prices.


Which buyer wants to pay $75 if you’re also accepting orders for $65 :slight_smile:
If you want to sell for $65 then that’s your price.

If you’re concerned about haggling then you might wish to work on your negotiation skills.
My last client asked if there’s anything I can do for him for $$$ budget? I said, yes I can offer you the standard gig, but I will take out these items. He was OK with that and the order was placed.

It will turn into haggling only if you let it. Usually it is a simple 2 message process. They will tell the budget and what they want and you will reply with take it or leave it offer.


I personally am not a fan of haggling nor do I really bite when it is done to me. But it can be annoying when you get a message, thinking it’s a serious client. Only to read the message and realize it’s just someone asking for a discount. I just think that a “best offer option” would clear out that problem for some sellers. E-bay offers a best offer option for people who want to negotiate or are flexible. Not everyone uses it, but it does cut down on the “bargain begging” messages.