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Best opportunity for youth from Bangladesh


Hi there, My self Eram Ahmed and I am from Bangladesh. Although I completed my study from Boston. After Completing my study I return to my country and found there was nothing to do for getting payed. There wasn’t any available job for thousands of unemployed people. I was helpless that time. So, that I tried to earn money from online. I got my first payment in Jan, 2017. I was so happy that time. In Bangladesh, there are more unemployed people than some of other country’s hole population.

Fiverr is the best way to earn money from online for it’s easy to use interface. :slight_smile:

Now a days many people from Bangladesh are working on Fiverr and get there carrier in this market place. This is actually helpful for solving our worst problem.

So, I am so much hopeful for getting build my carrier on this market place.

Thanks all. :blush::blush::blush:


Well, you are right about population. However, according to Wikipedia, Bangladesh has 4.9% unemployment percentage which makes it 148th unemployment country on the ranking. The main problem here isn’t “unemployment,” but corruption and about 30% of total population are youth. You can blame the educational system. We have no jobs until finish the study, and experience does not matter here. :grin:


If I want I can blame hole system of this country. I don’t want to blame my own country.

You told about wiki ! That information isn’t true. There are more unemployed youth than any other country. This is now national issue for our government. So our government is now trying to engage this unemployed youth to freelancing by providing free course. There is a different meaning of job in our culture. That’s why everyone isn’t prepared to do whatever is ready for him/her. They want job by their own choice. So, unemployed person is still unemployed for their ‘Ego Problem.’