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Best option to deliver late order?

Some·times, Buyer response late and order get late, if i ask to extend the time then after delivery my “Delivered on Time” affects and if i cancel the order so that buyer will reorder me, then my “Orders Completed” effects :disappointed:

Is there a better way to deliver late order?:confused:

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The delivery clock doesn’t start ticking until a buyer submits their requirements, so your delivery shouldn’t be late because your buyer has taken their time to do this.

Do you need to extend the length of your delivery so that late delivery isn’t going to be a problem?

Could you tighten up your gig requirements so that you know exactly what the buyer wants when you start so there isn’t any to and fro of questions and answers?

The only way not to deliver a late order is to deliver on time!


Sometimes, buyer not send complete requirements and for that requirements, I have to wait for their response and I can’t deliver untell I get respond of incomplete requirements.

In that case, order get late then what is best option for me to deliver the order?


When you edit your gig requirements from the main top menu click on Selling --> Gigs, then edit your gig requirement(s) because what you write in there appears after your customer place an order. So I recommend you to type in at least one requirement to ask the client for the input data and info needed to complete the delivered work, then check on Answer is mandatory box, and save your gig.


If you’re not getting the right information to be able to start the gig as soon as they give the information, maybe you need to reword the questions in your requirements?

Daft example - you might ask 'What colour would you like’
the answer given might be blue, but you have no idea what shade of blue they want, so you have to ask again.

Instead, you could ask ‘What colour would you like - please give me a hex code’, so the answer would be exactly what they want, and you don’t have to ask again.

I know you may not need to know a colour, but it’s just an example of how to tighten up your requirements.


You can make your delivery times longer.
Or you can request an extension of time in the order in the resolution centre if the buyer doesn’t provide everything you need straight away.

Also note that it’s better to cancel than to delivery late. Don’t get too hung up on the completion stats.


Yes I understand your point
But i just want to know, what to do when the order is late?

You are better off extending your delivery times so that you know you can make it on time. You can also encourage people via your gig to get in touch with you first if it is a complex order or if they have any questions.

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If I extend the time after the Delivery is late then the “Delivered on Time” get effect even you Delivery within extended time.

Deliver it as soon as you can? I’m sorry, I think I may not be understanding your question correctly.

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You are right but I want to know best option for delivery after late order

I want to know, BEST option for Delivery after the order is late?

The best way after you are already late is to communicate with the buyer, make sure they are aware that you are late, how long you will be and then make sure they agree before you deliver.

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Yes but “Delivered on Time” get effected :disappointed:

Well of course it will - if you’re late delivering, for any reason, then your ‘delivered on time’ percentage will decrease.

There’s no way round that, but you’ve had lots of suggestions on how to avoid late deliveries in the future.

Good luck!


Whatever things affecting your numbers and percentages, it is good to consider it, but you have to look forward and think about the next steps, and the potentials of growing your gigs. By the time, your continuous attempts to have many good clients’ reviews for your delivered work will cover the late delivery and the orders cancelled, just try to keep them low if can’t avoid.

Go to the site help section: and look for the Selling on Fiverr then read the 4 included topics there:

Receiving an Order
Delivering an Order
Using the Resolution Center
Feedback and Ratings

Best wishes


A very helpful advice
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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But don’t you think there should be a better alternative for this?

Let me revise things were previously said in the above comments here, these all are available for you as a seller ;

1- Create a gig with a service in the field of your profession.

2- Describe your gig elegantly and clearly, to more empress the customer, and to avoid customer’s uncertainty as much as possible. Additionally, write what you need (like info and data) from the customer, in the requirements of your gig, so you find his/her request described just in time the order is placed, that’s how you save some precious communication time.

Note: the customer needs to feel he/she has been understood by you, in order to be trusted and repeated seller. That will reduce the time spent in the next step.

3- keep in touch with the customer especially from the time the order is placed until the point you are able to start work, that makes you feel comfortable while proceeding with the needed work. Stay online during the working phase to be ready just in case the customer comes up with new inputs, so using the Fiverr app on your smartphone is recommended to be notified by the site when you are away of your office". Then if the new inputs provided by the customer require an extra time exceeding your determined delivery time, make an order dispute and ask the customer politely for a delivery time extend or expansion, then the order will be given some time to wait for the client response.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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