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Best order Request timing suggestions

which time is best for sending offer request

There is no specific time for it. They are updated randomly.

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If they were updated totally randomly why would a forum user have said “My request has so far took 12 hours and still is pending”? (I assume they were talking about their buyer request).

If the buyer requests are actually being checked by Fiverr staff (and not all checked by the system itself) surely it will depend on staff availability. Maybe there are less staff on weekends or something. Maybe a staff member normally checks/releases them at set times throughout the day and there are also other staff members who do the same. I’ve also seen times when a pageful or more have appeared (before slowly reducing) when most of the time it shows 0 requests - that to me seems like at least sometimes they get checked and released in batches (eg. maybe a staff member has a number in a queue to check. That person then checks each before each of those are released in a batch).

I think it should be more automated (have software checking the requests mostly - for speed) and have staff doing a check later when they’re available.

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I believe so too… But I think this :arrow_up: happens randomly :wink: No fixed timing as such :smiley:

Cuz I have seen them being released in batches at random times… throughout the day/night… sometimes 2 am, sometimes 6 am, sometimes 10:45 am, sometimes 3:17 pm, sometimes 11:59 pm lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it can’t be totally random (ie. will depend on staff availability, maybe amount of requests in the queue etc.).

I think maybe we should ask them to make it more automated. Maybe it was much faster and maybe they relied much more on the automated checks before (when they were getting too many seller ads in there) but now they’re taking longer to do it. They could still do the manual checking after an automated checking system has checked and released them for viewing by seller.s

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Yes bro… Your point is absolutely right

Hahahah… Something something something :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks sir… But which time you got many orders

They are updated randomly and released in batches as you said. I don’t think the staff has set a specific time to check and release the requests. They do it once or twice in a day when they get chance.

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