Best places to advertise your gigs


Apart from main social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; are there other places that can be used to advertise your gigs?


I have my own website, a Wordpress one set up by a fellow fiverr user that I can use for SEO and to point people to my gigs.

Twitter works best for me, though.


I have a web portfolio too, which is the best sales closer possible. Social media, in my experience, and from tracking where sales come from, eh. Not so good.



Wherever your target audience hangs out.


Thank you. I’m not that great with social media but it seems that is the best way.

I will definitely test out twitter.


Thank you. Web portfolio sounds interesting, I will look into it.


@zikora_cv Focus on one social media platform at a time. Do not get overwhelmed or neglect applying to buyer requirements daily. You are welcome. A web portfolio can be built very affordable using Fiverr sellers. Charles


I think this is a very valuable comment which is easily overlooked. It’s very important to target your audience efficiently and not just on social media.