Best practice to get your 1st Order


Are you a new seller?
Your gigs are not getting desireable result??
You are not wining bids on buyer requests???

Alright let’s find answers to these questions. As you have already joined fiverr, created gigs upon your skilled services; you must know by now fiverr is already flooded with millions of talented sellers.
Thousands of new sellers around the world are joining fiverr everyday.
You will find thousands of similar kind of gigs just like yours. So you definitely need some trick to compit other sellers gig and also get your very 1st order.
Well the trick is really simple nothing like a rocket science. As you are reading my article here, so you are already at the den of doers,there is no need to worry at all now.
First of all if you are not a reader, then you have to adopt this habit right from now. You will get the logic behid this in a while.
Fiverr forum, blog, community are the one and only place where you will find real doers. Sellers from round the world share their tips, ideas and provide efficient advice to help newbies.
If you start visiting forum more often and read out the articles are being shared here and the articles on blogs. Rather then spending hours on social media news feed and surfing on Google shooting your questions regards to fiverr. Spend more time here headup your issues shoot your questions here. You will believe or not you will gather bunch of knowledge and you can apply them for your own.

I have got my 1st order reading out tips and articles from the blog and applied the same formula as experts shared. I got my result now its your turn.


The best practice is just to wait. belive me. I’d started in 2014 and may b after 8 months I got my first order. And sometimes it’s even harder. I’m still trying my best. lest see :slight_smile: All the best :slight_smile:


I joined fiverr on July 2017.I made my gigs a week ago and got my first order on the second day.I have just followed the tips I have got from here.Thanks for sharing your advice appreciate.


Wow! It’s great to know. I just appreciate it a lot. Do you mind sharing those tips :slight_smile:


Of course not. I always welcome tips.Its my pleasure to get a reply from a senior Fiverrer.thanks :):smiley:


I was misunderstood :slight_smile: Anyway Good luck :slight_smile:


Chill :wink: thanks and good luck to you too.


Thanks… :slight_smile:


I am a new seller on fiverr. I believe one should offer the work that he is an intermediate or an expert at. The gigs that I offer are the job that I love the most to do and am good at. Secondly, it’d be more likely to get an order sooner when you have some sample of your work for buyers. Most importantly, you should have good communication skills and be able to explain your expertise. Lastly, I suggest to be persistence to find the relevant work for you among the Buyer Requests. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome on fiverr.Best of luck with your gigs.
Thanks for sharing your view.Appreciate. :slight_smile:


Best of luck …till i am also waiting for order.


Thanks for your post. Very Helpful…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


nice post… it will be useful.


Just started tonight. Excited to see where things go. Thank you for the insight and tips!


All I could understand is just forum and blog, why not trying in the social media and try on other platforms to market the gigs, why stuck here?


but i dont get my first order with this practice…


thanks friend i was really helpful.


Thanks for this. I look forward to getting my first order. :relieved:


Good one, Thanks:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


thanks @jamal3666 your tips more helpful.