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Best practice to regain your search position

For the past few months, there has been a drastic change in the search engine placements, for even the best performing gigs. Surprisingly, one of the most forum-active sellers, such as @cyaxrex and @misscrystal are no exception to this sudden change in gig positions, consequently leading to a drought of sales.

As much as I wanted to stay quiet in my nest, away from the forum trolls, while preparing for the next winter, there was an urge to inform my fellow sellers on how to tackle this issue, so that they don’t meet the same fate, as my buddy “cy” here.

I know, I may get thrashed by the trolls for suggesting such as absurd solution, but you know, it’s me being myself, so here we go:

If you notice a sudden drop in your search engine placements, do nothing. Just wait out the storm and you shall see your gigs returning back to normal. Ths is of course if they were placed higher before the change and:
Feature your own work
Are not copied from another online source.
And do provide value to your buyers, at a considerable price.

P.S. By considerable, I do not mean absurdly low-priced gigs. I mean, selling an $20 gig for $20-$30 (taking the Fiverr fees into account), rather than selling it for $5 or $1000 (the latter being frequently observed in some of the PRO gigs).

Pro-Tip: If your gig meets the above-given criteria, then it is advised to wait for about 20 days, before hitting the “edit gig” button.

What should I do if there is no improvement, even after the 20-day wait?
If you have tried beating the change with your patience, while keeping your sanity intact, and nothing has worked out, then you use the gig edits to regain your long-lost regime. But, Hold on…
Do not go all crazy on your gig, by changing everything. Instead, use the centuries-old process of “wait and observe”. Change one aspect of your gig, such as the gig title, tags, gig image/video, or some part of your gig’s description and observe the change.

If you try the above-given methods, there is a high chance that you will observe an uplift in your search placements.
May The Force Be With You!


I think this can be a good approach.
While waiting for the cycle to come around again, it can be a good idea to try out new things, add new gigs, focus on niches rather than general gigs etc.