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Best practice to respond to buyer requests (especially when...)


… especially when the job in question has nothing or little to do with what I offer on here.
(I sent a link to something related)

But we can only respond with an offer. An offer to something I don’t know the scope of.

How do you usually handle this?


I thought you could only see and respond to buyers’ requests in the same categories as the gigs you were offering, so not sure how you’re seeing something so unrelated.


Exactly thats what I knew. I sometime ago deleted my some of gigs and the buyer requests related to those disappear. I dont know what is OP talking about.


It surely is “Video & Animation” but far from what’s on my profile.

(and edit for: oh, sorry. That was supposed to go in Fiverr Tips)


Still not clear I’m afraid. I’m in two sub-categories of ‘videos and animation’, so I see buyer requests for only those two sub-categories, not the whole category.

Have you got your gigs in the right sub-categories to begin with?


Let’s say OP and the buyer chose the right category. The simple answer is that you still make the offer, but you explain it to the buyer that you need more details.

I do it all the time and it hasn’t backfired yet :slight_smile:
Although sometimes I do put a rather high price just in case they don’t read and accept my offer.


Oookay, did I express myself so badly? Let’s try again :slight_smile:

Buyer looks for a comprehensive video design job. A job I’m able to do and that I’m keen on doing.
To announce my interest, I have to send an offer, picking one of my gigs. My gigs so far are: text animations, music visualizations and a slideshow. None of which work on their own for what the buyer needs & wants.

To still convey the I’m the right guy!, are there dos & don’ts?

Also, as we have to send an actual offer with, you know, a price attached, what’s the best practice?
My response was along the lines of Don’t mind this particular offer, if you’re interested, get in touch! $1234


Something like that. Just send a personalized reply explaining what you can offer and why they should hire you. I’m not talking about copy/pasting your resume. Show that you have understood the request and explain that in order to provide a final offer, they should contact you to discuss the project details.

An alternative is to make a new gig for custom offers that has some generic info. So that you can always send that custom offer to all buyer requests.