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Best practices... amount to request payment to PayPal


Hi all, I seem to recall a discussion about the best amount for one to request money be transferred via PayPal, it had something to do with PayPal fees, it was best to wait until $100? $150? to request because that would result in the lowest fees being taken out? (I think it was versus, requesting at $50 and getting hit by a fee, then getting hit by the same amount fee when you requested another $50, etc).

Anyone know what the best amount is?


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for! I’m over $100 so I’ll probably withdraw soon… unless I suddenly get a bunch of gigs over the weekend, then I’ll try to hold out for $200 :slight_smile:


Do not disclose your fiverr balance in any discussions. Hackers are waiting to “withdraw” your funds. Now everyone knows exactly how much money you have for the taking, Be careful.







can you use your balance to pay for gigs? if so… how?


Reply to @fqm513: Yes you can. Just make your order and the money will be withdrawn from your balance.


Thanks for this tip. I guess if fiverr starts to pay for the fees from the payout end like some of the ad networks do then we won’t be charged fees for receiving money.