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Best practices for promoting your gig

Hi everyone, am creating this conversation for the benefits of those joining for the first time. What would you advise a newbie to do in order to have the best fiverr experience and promote his/her gigs


Hello, my number 1 advice is to be patient. The first sale is the hardest part. Also take time and read all the new sellers/tips topics in this forum. And also promoting your gigs is extra important. Good luck to all new sellers!

Maria S.

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  1. Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. A lot is explained there:

  2. Read everything from the Seller Help Center:

  3. Read Tips for Sellers:

  4. Only ask for tips if, after reading all of the above, they have a question that wasn’t covered, or don’t understand something. Otherwise, they’ll be seen as yet another of the “I’m new, gimme tips to get rich instantly” crowd.