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Best promoting music , website ,facebook, twitter

hello friends.

i think youtube,facebook related gigs are the best money making gigs on fiverr . . big fish are dominating every time . you know chances of being first page . it is a great success of newer who able to be added on first page . try to uplaod a video with a slide promoting fiverr he he, , they always love it … and some work examples. i use windows move maker ,just simple but work done perfectly.

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i do promote music , websites , twitter , … ( best of music promoting)

the best of other promoting

i do promote music , websites , twitter , …



the promoting guy

Don’t be creating…many threads with the same content and different titles…

mmmm. i think you don`t understand the process . there are people with different interest so there are specific groups for that , i know where to post where not to post. think what i say . :smiley: hope you can understand … :stuck_out_tongue:

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to promote external websites nor leave email addresses on this forum.

I would recommend you to submit your video to
They have a big community which can bring many views!