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Best promotion method that has worked for me

I am quite new to sell gigs on Fiverr. I registered about 2 years ago as a buyer and recently I have started offering some services.

In the first month I’ve had no sales but I understood that this was because I was not promoting my gigs. Last week I created a new gig that I have been promoting strongly during the last 6 days and so far I have received 6 sales.

After trying with some promotion tactics, the one that has worked best for me is to get in touch directly with some potential buyers through Twitter and Facebook. I have been approaching people that I believe they could be interested in this latest gig and so fare it’s working. I am sure that with the coming months the amount of orders will increase if I keep using this promotion method.

People like to get in touch with the sellers and ask questions before they order the gig so it’s a very good idea to approach potential buyers and offer them advice to those who reply to you. If they see that you are genuine and willing to help them , they will probably try your gig at some point.

Wonderful approach. Hopefully your new customers will share your profile and gig links with their friends after they receive excellent results from you!

Reply to @kissreviews: I hope so as word of mouth is the best promotion you can get