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Best reasone to choose new seller

  1. The seller is new but the professional level is not new
    In terms of the ability to complete the work, the new seller and the old seller are the same
  2. New seller is more enthusiastic, responsible than the old seller
    Because they are new, they want to be self-reliant, try hard, take responsibility to get the best first evaluation.
    3. New sellers always have special promotions
    With new sellers: what they need is order, is good evaluation so they are willing to offer great promotion

That’s just the three reasons I’ve come up with.
And you think about the new seller?


You choose a seller based on their suitability for your business needs, not because they are new or have a promotion.

  1. cHoOsE nEw SeLlErS cOs I aM nEw SeLlEr.
    I presume you will change this post if you make it to Level 1

Pretty much sums it up.

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New sellers are willing to do anything for the buyer.


I am a new seller robiambady

Yes you are correct. I am a new seller but I have 15 years of experience in designing,photography still i find difficult to get my first order


New seller often more communicative and you can get your order on the most favorable terms. Also you can get some gifts from new sellers, cause the need in promotion and good reviews. And sure, new sellers on Fiver often have really great skills, and Fiverr is just a new job for them. For example, I learned about the Fiver during the quarantine as a new way to earn, but my experience more than 10 years.

If the seller is new, then he will be more responsible to get good reviews. The new seller will be more sociable to receive the first orders. And most importantly the new seller has a huge desire to earn money and you can give this opportunity.