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Best Sales Making Tips For New Fiverr Sellers


Every single day hundreds of new sellers are signing up on fiverr, but only a few of them who know some useful tips can actually crank up their business. I’ve seen a lot of gigs have died with Zero sale. Do you know why? Answer is Lack Of Vitamin-T (a new vitamin commonly known as Vitamin Tips to the fiverr community).

However, if you are a new seller on fiverr, then the next few tips are going to make the wonder for your business. So keep reading.

Complete Your Profile

You will be surprised to know that almost 80% sellers on fiverr left their profile uncompleted; probably they think it’s wasting of time. But the sellers with 100% completed profile are always favored by every freelance marketplace, including Fiverr. So if you want to knock your fellow sellers down, make sure your fiverr profile is 100% completed.

Use Your Photo

Every buyer wants to buy things from a good looking salesman that is why employers run after smart dudes. So don’t forget to use one of your best looking photos as your profile picture.

Fiverr App

Almost all buyers love to be replied immediately. And that is the reason why you should use fiverr app. Fiverr app will not just give you relief from sitting 24/7 in front of your laptop, it will also increase your response rate and response time.

Gig Description

If you spend your hour after hour in promoting gig without giving proper care to your gig, you’ll end up with frustration. Promotion may bring buyers to your gig, but if your gig is not professionally written, you will make no sale. So spend your hours in developing your gig, make your gig more clear and appealing. Highlight your services, mention why you’re best. You can check out other guys gigs to know what made them so successful. Well, you can start checking with my gigs as my gigs are perfectly written with clear instructions and promises.

Starting an online business is always an uphill task. So keep calm, make use of the mentioned tips, and go on. Hope you can make a big success in no time. Best of luck.


Alas, new sellers are too lazy to read this. Instead of reading anything here they will post something whiny like “I get no sales. Help me.”


Thank you for all the tips ! I speak for me but I think a lot of new sellers feel like me : if we don’t have jobs for the first week or few weeks,we feel completely undaunted,so we think that improving our gigs is useless and we give up. But we shouldn’t ! Because it may take time to have our first job and to learn how to use Fiverr (and other freelance platforms) properly. We just have to be patient and listen to the old wise people of Fiverr. And then,and only after we put some effort into that,we can really become a good seller.


I just made my first sale, and it went great! I got 2 inquiries the first 2 days after creating my first gig, but now it seems to have died down. The people who follow me on Social Media aren’t really my typical customer, so what could be some good channels for promoting your gig?

a new vitamin commonly known as Vitamin Tips to the fiverr community
You're funny :) Is that your real profile picture?


Helpful! Thank you.


Exactly, you should be patient. And one thing I’d like to add is “Make proper use of your Brain.” You know what is holding you back, so you must know what can push you forward.


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This is super helpful, thank you for taking the time to make this :smiley:


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I can do so too.
But this is a Forum not an Advertising Place. So…


I needed to ask one thing.
I had seen in many blogs saying that Fiverr buyers don’t likes to buy from Indian Sellers. Is it true???

What would be your review in this.


hahahahahaha!! best comment!


i have a question, i just completed my 30 days on Fiverr, with all response rate 100%, 20 5 star delivered order. 6 orders in queue. When will i research level one? i just confuse through i statistics i should be one day level 1 seller by now.


Hello, please help me, locked my account, I had to contact Fv and by appointment back after 45 days, after 45 days I went back and got a message that “this account does not recover” , my account was a lot of money but why do not go into withdrawal? please help me, you just tell me how to get back the account, thanks a lot.

Please help me


If your account has been “locked”, it was locked for a reason. We cannot help you in this matter. You will have to work things out with Customer Support.

Also be aware, there are consequences to every action you take. If you broke the rules of this site, and Fiverr took corrective action, you have no right to complain. The rules are clearly posted.


Hello, I contacted a lot of times but FV did not respond, what can I do?


Be patient. As I said, we cannot help you with this matter here on the forums. This is an issue between only you and Fiverr Support. Only they can provide the assistance you seek.


Only Fiverr support can tell you what’s wrong with your gig. So feel free to knock them.