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Best seller gig selection criteria

Hi there…
One of my gig has the best seller title. I dont know how fiverr has selected this particular gig as best seller. I think it either about the numbers of orders or the amount of revenue from that particular gig. Is there any specific requirements or criteria for being selected as best seller gig from the published active gigs of a profile?

Ehsan Islam

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Hello Vaiyea, In my case when I completed my 1st order then that gig was best seller gig. After that when I complete my second order then that gig was get best seller title. So I think its selected in latest order completion rate and review.


congratulations :slight_smile:


The gig that you have the most bookings on is your Best Seller. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone who has completed orders has a Best Seller title on the gig that they have sold the most of. Only you can see the title. Your buyers can not see it. :wink:


Thanks for the info.

no actually. The gig got the highest no of orders is the best seller gig as far I know

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It could be both. If you have the same number of purchases on 2 different gigs and they are a higher number of purchases than any of your other gigs, it could take the most recently purchased one of those to show the “best seller” tag on.

eg. new seller. Gig A purchased then Gig B purchased. Both have 1 sale and it could show Gig B as the “best seller” (since it only shows that against 1 gig as far as I know, even if 2 have sold the most).