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Best Seller Gig title

I received a title of my gig as " Best Seller" because of I deleiver the task to the customer within 3 hours instead of 48 hours, while I also offer unlimited revision.

No that’s not why that happened.
It’s not a special title. It’s an indication that that particular gig of yours sells the most qhen compar d to your other offerings.

The “best seller” merely indicates which one of YOUR gigs sells the most. Not relative to the entire marketplace. Just amongst your gigs.

You shouldn’t offer unlimited revisions.


It’s because you’ve sold that gig maximum number of times

That makes 0 sense. What does that even mean?


i jusr want more replies to get more knowledge and thanks also for your kind response

“More replies” does not equal “more knowledge”

I explained what it means in my reply above.

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why would you want more replies? Replies to what? You didn’t even ask a question to begin with. Your first post is just a statement.

Because what’s is actual meaning of Best Selller title,

frank_d has already given THE perfect answer to that question. What more do you want?

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if already answer is perfect then good, hope that no one comment more about it, thanks

IMO some of those who post here seem to be parrot what they think has been said. They do not always get it right though. :roll_eyes: