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'Best Seller' Packages

I’m having a few problems with the ‘Best Seller’ package that appears on my profile. The automatically generated items create a confusing (and only ever ordered in error) package that’s leaving buyers with the wrong impression of the gig offerings.

I contacted customer service and apparently they don’t have a way to fix this, and also aren’t sure how it’s generated themselves.

Does anyone have a hack they’ve discovered to fix this? I’ve tried disabling the gig extra currently shown to try to prompt a change but with no success.

There is a checkmark on your $20 extra that is causing this. I’m not sure if, in your category, you can remove this checkmark when you edit your main gig. You can try unchecking it. In my opinion this is something you should rejoice over but it’s up to you.

extra package

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately it’s not possible to uncheck the extra. The combination causes a lot of confusion with buyers so it’s certainly not something to rejoice over.

In what way is it causing confusion? I would find a way to take advantage of it.

Confusion is caused as the combination includes the order of the basic gig (template) plus a cover letter, leading to buyers ordering the combination without reading and assume they’ll receive a fully written resume, plus the cover letter. Advantage could be taken if there was the option to alter the gig extras displayed, this is the problem.

This is a golden opportunity to let them know that only the template is included and for only an extra $10 (or whatever) they can get the complete resume as well. I love it. Use it!

You can change your gig description to explain what this package includes and the resume is extra.

edit: What is confusing them is the title to your gig. It needs to be changed to reflect more accurately that you are offering a variety of resume services. It does sound like they will be getting a resume. I still think that with a carefully crafted explanation letter listing your complete services and pricing you can upsell.

The buyers confused by this are those that don’t read the description before ordering so including information within proved a little useless.

The only real issue is that the package displayed used to outline the most commonly ordered package (the full resume service), which was extremely beneficial in terms of upselling. However, it has now changed to a rarely ordered package, which is why I was wondering if anyone had discovered a way to alter the displayed gig extra.