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Best seller showing in gig only for me not for all

Hello, Everyone.
We are an SEO team and ranked more than 50000+ keywords to google 1 positions in the last 5 years on another freelancer platform. We joined this month and completed 10 orders. And nicely get a “BESTSELLER” tag on our gig. We were happy that we are now one of the best sellers on Fiverr, But we check that it only showing only us, not to our clients or the search engine of Fiverr and also not showing on public mode Could you have any idea why is this showing like this. If only we show it then no need to show, we know its, it needs to show to everyone. Thank You.

On our profile this is showing

On public mode this is not showing

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Yes I have seen It is now showing Best seller. Same issue here with me.

It’s like that for everyone.

It just shows you which one of your gigs is selling most at the moment. That’s meant to give you information, not to indicate that your gig is a platform bestseller.


It’s your best seller. Not Fiverr’s.

Also, your browser theme is…ew


It’s showing this result to understand that which one of your gig is selling mostly among all of your gigs. And this result Fiverr is showing only to you not to the whole platform.


Thank You

Ha ha :smile:

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Thank You Saidmahud, thanks to help for my concerns.

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Thank You For helping us catwriter