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Best Seller tag on Gig

Hi Dear all, Hope you are best.
Please check out the attachment and tell what is this tag on my gig.
However, I didn’t get any orders on this gig.
Fiverr 2

Will this tag promote my gig.
But I can’t see it when I switch to buyer and search my gig… :pensive: :thinking:


This is only visible to you. It is your own best selling gig. It isn’t to promote your gig. Just to show you which one is doing the best.

Best selling means this gig have received orders more than your other gigs.

Ok, but I didn’t got the orders from it.
It is just an extra

There is always one gig which is the best seller. If none have any orders then a random one will be picked.

how is it possible I didn’t got any orders on it

Thanks for your relpy

Than it is a bug, some other sellers point out this too.

Yeah thanks for your information

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