Best selling gig denied


Hey Doers, so i have been working lately with a success manager who told me it would be a good idea to have custom images made for my gigs. I contracted a seller here on fiverr who created some custom images. Well after the fiverr (who was terrible) finally submitted the correct images, asked me to tip him. Once i explained i wouldnt tip on a job that took 9 attempts to complete i get a message from fiverr support saying my gigs have been flagged for copyright violations and i cannot edit the gigs to remove the images here created. These gigs have been running for over 5 months with over 55 five star reviews, nothing less.

This is crazy that i go from almost becoming a top seller to have no gigs for sale simply because i wouldnt tip a fiverr, and the seller used copywritten materials ? I guess my fiverr career is over just when it was getting started :frowning:


That is despicable behaviour if your seller flagged your gig. You should take some screenshots of your messages and contact Fiverr’s support.

  • You legally own the image if you purchased it from your seller.
  • If your seller flagged your image because you didn’t provide him with a tip, Fiverr will take immediate action against him.

Best of luck!


Apparently he used copywritten material in the images - yep once i told him i wouldnt be sending a tip i get my gigs removed minutes later.


deleted the image and post


Minutes later both gigs were flagged for copywritten material and removed. 10k made on these 2 gigs 55 five star reviews. Changed the images he provided and boom both gigs flagged.


I guess thats the end of my fiverr career


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thank you for telling me


Okay - did you contact support?


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  • Is your gig paused? Or was it completely deleted?

  • You should be able to edit your gig.


deleted the post and image


contacted support just waiting for a response, i cant believe this is happening. I wouldnt have even touched my gigs unless my fiverr success manager told me to - i even showed him a similar seller that i was getting my image ideas from, everything was good, swapped the images and denied the seller a tip due to poor service, 5 minutes later both gigs are flagged and removed.


it was “denied” and i cannot edit to remove the sellers images


The only 2 gigs i have for sale on fiverr now and they are both gone. I guess i should have tipped my seller, this is what i get


Have you tried contacting your seller? Do you suspect him of flagging your gigs?


Just out of curiosity, have you approached your success manager about this?


I would not contact the seller again, i do believe so yes, the moment i told him i would not tip my gigs were flagged.


I am trying at the moment. Its crazy, i would not have even touched my gigs if it werent for the advice to do so :confused:


sent support screenshots of mine and the sellers conversation, literally minutes after denying him a tip my gigs were flagged


Was he or she a TRS seller with a suspiciously low number of reviews?


Why don’t you communicate with your seller and explain to him that you will be reporting him for doing such an act?

This won’t change your gig status but will hopefully receive a response from him.