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Best selling gig for a long time going under modification

Today, I got an email from fiverr & got to know my bestselling gig is not available & requires modification.

This gig is my best selling gig & has been active for as long as I’ve been working since I was a new seller. I’ve offered many clients good service & have received 100% positive reviews on this gig.

I’m a level one seller today on fiverr & have worked very hard to get here. I really don’t understand what I did wrong to get this gig with all 5star reviews to go under modification.
I’ve modified it anyways, hope I get it back.

I’m not complaining about fiverr, I love fiverr & appreciate it for all the opportunities it has made available for us freelancers. I’m a bit disappointed though.

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Hi @beamingbinita If they told you to just for modification then I can not see any problem with that.You can change the gig image or description that they are asking to change . Then you can easily update it and start selling again .:grinning:


What is the gig about?

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Thanks for asking Jenny, I appreciate the gesture. It’s about web research.

Yes, I’ve made the changes. But I’m confused why it suddenly required any modification at all. It’s been active & with 100% satisfied clients & all 5 star reviews.
Thank you for sharing your thought & the advice. Appreciate it

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To the best of my knowledge, web research is not against the Fiverr TOS. Did you copy anything from someone else’s gig? Like image, description etc. I strongly believe something must be wrong somewhere.

Give it 24 hours. After then, I will recommend you get in touch with CS to get insight into the situation. I am sure they will provide you with further details about the situation.

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You should know that . And I think they have mentioned that why you need to modify .Hope now all is well . And You are welcome :grinning:

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I didn’t copy any content at all. I’m a blogger as well & I’m good at creating my own written & visual content. The gig was active for more than 10 months now. It’s not making sense to me to modify it after that long.

I hope so.:pray: Thanks.

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Then, you should contact CS as soon as possible.

You are welcome … :grinning:

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If you don’t mind me asking, what were the specific changes that Fiverr had asked you to make in your gig?


Could you tell me a bit about how to contact them. If you’re aware of the process. That will be most helpful to me.

Yes, sure. It was mentioned something like Gig description might be misleading or unclear. But I don’t feel that’s true, since all buyers were satisfied & gave 5 star reviews.

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Thanks for sharing your helpful tip. I’ve made the changes, but what I don’t understand is this gig has been performing well for so long with all satisfied customers & 5 star reviews. Suddenly it requires modification.
I suspect someone might have reported it, I recently reported a guy who gave me his WhatsApp number to contact.
I might be wrong but this thought is in my mind.

May be you got that. Some one has reported for that they asked for modification …
Now no worry and cheers … :grinning:

Update:another post withdrawn because I have posted it twice .

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10 months is nothing. My 4,5 year old gigs have been asked to make changes. Not just for me, there are lot of people who had gone through this. I think you feel little upset because you are not used to this kind of thing. It’s nothing to worry about. Do the changes they ask.

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Thanks Shifan. You’re right, I do feel upset about it.
I’ve made the changes. But it was only few words, sort of taken in wrong context. I’ve removed the words anyways, even though I’ve got jobs because of those words & got 5 stars review as well.
But what can I do about it, I guess!

nice you welcome …

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Thank you. I appreciate that.